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December 5, 2019
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MBA on Entrepreneurial Success
December 18, 2019

The Art of Networking


If you are employed within the business world, whether you are an executive board or intern of the company you must be exposed to cutthroat competition. The networking business industry is known to be the shark-eat-shark arena. People here never tends to forget that the best skill for surviving and coping within the industry is to network. Networking can allow you to source you with the opportunities of knowledge expansion, career advancement, and growing your business. Art of Networking !

Grow your own business

Today’s scenario allows business owners to be tough. It becomes tough to stay in a floating position with so much competition around you. Do know about the factors contributing to the same and are inclusive of the marketing power of the consumer, interconnection with the global units with the internet, as well as the ability that you not only need the products but want them too. One of the great ways to mark the expansion of the opportunity is to overcome these types of adversities and start looking at your business from a networking point of view.

The majority of the team members in the business suggest that face-to-face networking draws more eyeballs as compared to online communication. It entails that if you put your networking efforts are what you require to build the relationships and your clientele a bit stronger and faster than your competitor, who might be planning an easy route for virtual communication and giving less value to face-to-face communication.

Going out, speaking to people has their benefits and can customize your networking efforts, too, as per the community you are planning to visit. Here are some additional tips for you to know how to grow your business through networking effectively around and making sure that you leave a positive impact on your audiences:

  1. Dress your personality: The first impression is known to be a lasting impression, and you should always ensure that you dress according to the job you want, not the job you have.
  2. Never monopolize your time: If you get to know that someone is monopolizing your time, then try to end the conversation politically so that both parties remain in a better position in the end too.
  3. Use your time in a better way: Ensure that you can able to utilize your time effectively during the networking event. While visiting the events, try to meet the concerned people who went out to achieve but also try to meet up other for making sure that your presence is marked in the event.
  4. Never monopolize anyone else’s time: Always keep track of your conversations and try to leave once it is over.

Expand your knowledge:

Knowledge is power, and this statement falls correctly for the businesses. It is very much essential to know about the activities around you, the business partners you would like to have in the future, and remain updated with global news. In an experiment, one in four people stated that they do not do any networking at all, and 41% of them said that they do like to go for networking, but they didn’t get enough time for the same. This gives you the opportunity for you to take the time and effort around you. Do know that networking and knowledge are quite versatile and have a proportionate effect on each other. The more experience you have, the more you can network, and inversely, the more you look for networking opportunities, the more you seek prospects for expanding your knowledge capabilities.

Art of Networking: Tips and Tricks for networking effectively

Talking points: Before attending any event, try grabbing the ideas and research through the internet about the basics and pillars of the event. Try to get through current events around and never forget to read through about the person attached to the event and the activities to be performed.

Be confident: There are times when you can be nervous, try not to lose your nerves in between, and be sure of your body language while interacting with other people in the networking parties.

Take notes: While networking, we do ask people to share their cards after having a great conversation, taking proper notes will help you specifically following up with them often.

Set reasonable goals: While attending events, always remember your goal and mission behind your presence. You can set reasonable goals, like meeting five new people and giving them a short presentation over drinks or coffee or you are attending the event to meet up with any specific person. These goals or expectations are not high and can be made right by little pre-planning.

Never forget to meet the organizer: This is a great way to know about the organization that is involved and look for the organizer to introduce yourself. The chances are high that he or she will introduce you to the other attendees.

Clear your doubts: The best way to know about someone is to ask thoughtful and genuine questions. Walking through conversations are the best way to allow the other person to speak more and which will help you in getting through his profile and if he can help you in your business. Reaching the right people is also very important for correct networking.

Be friendly with others: Networking doesn’t allow you to be just friends and exchange your business cards have a small conversation and then walk away. No! Try treating them as you have been friends for a long time. Build trust and rapport for your business to grow.

Build your connection: Connecting with others is a great idea. But what if after a small conversation you find the other person a look of your business concept? What will be your reaction? Will you walk away? No, try to dig harder in his connection; maybe you are not benefited directly, but in his network, one or the other person can help you with the networking of your business.

Networking is an art, and once you master it, there is no looking back in your business growth forward. Try making it work and connect with others in every best possible and regular way.

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