The Admission Criteria for an MBA in Supply Chain and Logistics


The Admission Criteria for an MBA in Supply Chain and Logistics

The MBA in Logistics and Supply Chain is a two-year course that improves analytical and managerial skills. This course will enhance the administrative skills of the aspirant as required in the logistics and supply chain sector. MBA in Supply Chain and Logistics is a two years post-graduate course that essentially teaches managers to make sure the items reach the customers timely. Basically, MBA graduates in this field are expected to keep track of inventory and accounts.

Basics of the Course:

Below we have mentioned some of the details of this course:

  • This is a growing and flourishing industry that can offer jobs to several people who are reliable and good.
  • The course will teach skills to push the advancement of a nation economically.
  • The course will impart knowledge to simplify the process of giving services to customers.
  • You will learn to analyse various levels of plans of the company in the entire supply chain process.

The Admission Criteria of an MBA in Supply Chain and Logistics

  • The graduation of the student is compulsory for this MBA from a recognized university.
  • A minimum of 45% is required in graduation.
  • The course is a post-graduation degree.
  • This course will teach you to be the backbone of the company with regard to the back-end operation of the business.
  • Clearing the MBA entrance exam is absolutely necessary to get admission into the course.

Through this MBA, you will understand the planning, executing and managing of the count and supply of the materials of the company. This is a thriving field that organizations require to survive in the market. 

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