I made a great decision to enroll into LUBM’s MBA program, with a specialization in Education Leadership and Management, offered by Geneva Business School, I am very pleased with the community here. The staff is exceptionally friendly, professors are very knowledgeable and are always willing to help. I am proud to be associated with Lincoln University of Business and Management, it has truly help me realize my goals.
Kelly Salame
Business Leader, GE
My journey to obtaining an MBA degree was made absolutely remarkable by LUBM. I made connections with terrific people studying alongside me and the staff provided great support and nurtured my passion for learning and growing. The classroom environment was so warm and welcoming, it really supported my growth as an individual. I couldn’t have made a better choice with another institution
Oshba Al Tunaiji
Training & Development, DNATA
I completed my MBA at Lincoln University of Business and Management. The process of attaining my degree was smooth sailing, right from the application and registration to assignments, examinations and receiving results. I would recommend LUBM to any working professional, like me, looking to boost their career and enhance employability. The application of the theories taught has brought immense improvement in my current profession.
Mohsin Munaf
I received my BBA degree from Lincoln University of Business and Management, in partnership with Geneva Business School, and my time there was without a doubt, very enjoyable. Classroom discussions were always pleasant, professors were passionate about their teaching, always willing to clear doubts and I ended up making long term connections with a lot of my fellow students. Moreover, the degree was extremely credible and really helped me establish stability in my career.
Hasib Ismail
MEA IT Service
I completed my BBA qualification in only a little over a year, all thanks to Lincoln University of Business and Management. I gained immense knowledge concerning all areas of business and a great deal of skills that have proved helpful in building my profession. I am so glad I chose to enroll into LUBM, the services provided by them really helped me nourish my latent abilities and I also made the best friends and companions along the way. I would recommend LUBM to anyone looking for a top-quality BBA degree without a doubt.
Maheen Furqaan
The knowledge I gained along my journey of obtaining a BBA degree from LUBM has really enabled me to set some important goals for my career. I highly recommend LUBM to anyone interested in obtaining a BBA degree, they have the best staff and the most experienced lecturers. Their student base is really diverse, allowing you to indulge into different cultures and lifestyles, hear out different viewpoints in the classroom and enrich your international perspective.
Mohammad Al Nowais
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