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A lot of people have come to realize the importance of an MBA. Especially since many professionals often need it to advance in their careers. With an MBA degree, you are more likely to get many job opportunities you most probably would not be lucky to get with an undergrad degree. Or, get the recognition you deserve. 

But, having the right MBA degree opens even more opportunities. A UK accredited program is one of the top ranked MBAs offered in schools. When you finish these MBA courses, you would have knowledge and skills to ensure your worth in the business world. 

Also, professional organizations approve these courses and give complete knowledge and information about everything you need to know about the program. Thus, it enhances your CV, making you a desirable employee in many workplaces.

With this top ranked MBA, you can enjoy many benefits in your future working environment and your career in general. Primarily, MBA courses help you by improving and refining your business and managerial skills, which has both short term and long term advantages. 

Perks of UK MBA

Trying to get an MBA in the UK in addition to being expensive, has many extra costs. Prestigious business schools in the UK often have a lot of requirements, which can deter many applicants. However, with the UK accredited degree, you can get the same benefits of the business world in the UAE as a student who graduated with an MBA in the UK. 

Thus, instead of blowing a lot of money on your fees in a UK business school, here are some similar benefits you can receive from studying a UK MBA in the UAE

  1. Recognition

That additional information you would add to your CV would make a difference in every business setting you might find yourself in. Especially since everything you learn is relevant and verified information about the field. A UK accredited degree has recognition worldwide. The reputation of the UK when it comes to education is no secret. Many schools and companies, even governments, acknowledge the credibility of a UK MBA. 

With such a boost, you would have the chance to be one of the first in line for opportunities that would present themselves. Once you decide to move towards more significant career options, a UK accredited MBA would be of great help. On most occasions, professionals opt for MBAs to get a higher chance of promotion in their jobs or career advancement. 

With a UK accredited MBA, you can quickly get these. Irrespective of the work environment you might find yourself in, you would be able to adopt, thus gaining recognition wherever you go. Also, since many countries recognize a UK MBA, you would have the advantage of working in many places globally. 

  1. Relevant Skills

Studying the right MBA courses helps you specialize in a subject you prefer. You gain expertise in that field, which would be beneficial to you in the long run. The UK accredited program is one of the top ranked MBA

Many companies globally rever it due to the hands-on, and practical approach lecturers often teach subjects. Students often learn through non-theoretical and current learning experiences by professionals. Throughout the learning period, there is consistent refining of specialized skills giving students the edge of becoming the best in their fields. 

You can quickly progress in your career path due to this. Every employer seeks an employee who is the best in what they do. This UK accredited MBA would expose you to practical situations in the business world. 

Individual studies and research work during this period would also help students find multiple pragmatic strategies for real-life business scenarios. Thus, you have the advantage over your peers to calmly assess and find solutions to arising problems. 

Equally, since the program introduces you to a lot of scenarios and instances, you would be innovative in your field because you are familiar with them. You would also adopt qualities like personal motivation and self-sufficiency since the UK accredited MBA often involves a lot of research and individual studies. The skills acquired would not only help in the workplace, but groom graduates for life in general.

  1. Work Opportunities

MBA courses that have UK accreditation often impress employers. There is a significantly high chance of attaining employment at the job of your dreams due to this privilege. It is also no secret that the job market grows massively competitive each day. 

Many professionals in the job markets have undergrad degrees and MBAs. With a top ranked MBA, which is UK accredited, you can gain the upper hand in such cases.

Good jobs are hard to come by, and when they do, employers often pick applicants they feel are very qualified. With a UK accredited MBA degree, you are most likely to be part of those selected. An MBA in a recognized field also increases your chances of a promotion. Many professionals have realized this, which is why an MBA is one of the most sought-after postgraduate degrees globally. 

And since several countries recognize a UK accredited MBA degree, you would not have a problem quickly rising through the ranks of whichever company you finally settle on. Also, studying with a school that has a supportive alumni network can be very beneficial. It gives a lot of opportunities to graduates in their careers. 

Companies affiliated to the school or alumni may present job opportunities to promising graduates giving them a head start or push in their career development. While some would get the chance of a promotion, others would move to companies that align with their goals.

Perks of studying a UK Accredited Program in the UAE

If you are in the UAE, you do not have to worry about missing out on a UK MBA. There are additional advantages for students who get a UK accredited MBA degree in the UAE. A major one is that you can still study a top-ranked MBA while saving money you could have otherwise spent studying in the UK. 

A few reasons why you might want to reconsider that trip to the UK to study close to home are:


MBA courses in the UAE are generally expensive sometimes. However, compared to some universities in the UK that would give you the same degree, this is a cost worth spending on. MBA courses often take 12 months to 2 years, and each program has its respective prices. 

Applicants interested in the UK accredited MBA can also have aid from the school through scholarships. But, there is often a tight competition for those. Since it is a top ranked MBA, you would need an impressive application to make a good impression. 

There is also the option of part-time lectures online. You then get the chance to use the rest of the time to work, allowing you to earn alongside your studies. Thus, you would not necessarily have to give up your salary for the period spent studying. 

There are also ways of funding your MBA. Sometimes employees would have the benefit of qualification of sponsorships from their employers. And some schools even have bursaries to help some students.

Cost of Living

You would also be able to save money both on your tuition fees and your cost of living. Travelling to study in the UK and the cost of staying there can be quite expensive. Aside from your tuition fees, you would have to think of accommodation as well as upkeep. 

If you live in the UAE, getting a UK accredited MBA from the UAE can save extra money. But, you might have to spend a little more than anticipated if you have to move to another part of the UAE for school. On the plus side, you could also get the option of being a virtual student. 

As a virtual student, orientation sessions of new students are often mandatory. Every other lecture session, on the other hand, is usually structured to be flexible so students can take them whenever they have the time to.

With a manageable timetable, you can work while having your regular classes. Thus earning your salary like you usually would.


Having an MBA is beneficial. But, having a UK MBA can take you places in your career that might be absent for other MBAs. Studying a UK accredited MBA from the UAE can save you a lot of money. From your tuition and accommodation costs to the money spent on upkeep.

Also, although an MBA has a lot of advantages, getting a globally recognized MBA degree can have additional perks. Several companies you seek promotion from or want to apply to would identify you too. This benefit often comes with the possible luxury of even taking the program from home. 

Travelling to the UK to study is not necessary to get a UK MBA. You can just as quickly get it in the UAE. The catch is, you could be spending way less than you anticipated you would on tuition.

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