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Know Your UK Diploma in a Nutshell

Qualifi is ranked among some of the top UK qualification organisations in the world. The academic institution is regulated by the Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation, otherwise known as Ofqual in England. With this well-recognised Qualifi Diploma in UK, scholars can expect unrivalled standards of education and a curriculum with an international scope.

In addition to these, learners get to leverage the multiple degree pathways available at the different levels of Qualifi accreditation similar to Online MBA programs to acquire hard and soft skills relevant to the workplace of today and the future. All educational content of each Qualifi accreditation course merges world-class knowledge with credible assessments.

Why learn with QUALIFI ?

UK Regulated

Qualifi is a globally acclaimed qualifications awarding institution governed by the stringent UK standard of Ofqual. All assessments, examinations, and educational content meet their approval.

International Scope

All qualifications awarded under Qualifi meet specific business demands and maintain an international appeal. Therefore, professionals and employers can fill the skill gap.

Unique Standards

The tutors and the advisory board of Qualifi comprises internationally recognised educators. Hence, ensuring the highest standards of quality assurance for all qualifications.

Degree Pathways

Qualifi Diploma in UK transcends regular educational content and barriers like cost. Offering an affordable route to international grade qualification at levels equivalent to Executive Online MBA courses.

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