PMP (Project Management Professional) is a professional credential awarded by the
internationally recognized PMI (Project Management Institute.) This certification is highly
appraised and asked for in the project management industry.


An MSc degree is a post-graduate degree course. The course curriculum revolves around the
theoretical and practical understanding of one discipline. Furthermore, with an MSc
qualification, you attain specialization in one field.
A keynote difference between the two credentials is work experience. Unlike MSc in Project
Management, a significant amount of work experience in the same domain is a pre-requisite
when it comes to pursuing the PMP certification. The MSc program is suitable for candidates
who aspire to be a project manager or have just started as one.
Research indicates that in due course of time, employers will need to fill nearly 2.2 million
new project-oriented roles each year through 2027. Undoubtedly, this talks about the pressing
need of high-end, cutting-edge and scholarly project managers!
The PMP certification or an MSc in Project Management? This is always a question of
concern for aspiring project managers!
Listed below are a few reasons that can help you have an immaculate outlook towards your
goals and objectives. If you get along with these reasons, voila! You have a decision made.
You are keen to pursue MSc in Project Management.
The unrivalled benefits of MSc in Project Management:
Become a leader in the field
Apart from theory lessons, MSc in Project Management program accredited by a global
industry body focuses on practical learning modules. Their comprehensive curriculum
imparts in-depth project knowledge and understanding. With relevant managerial skill set you
can become an expert in the field.
Nurture your long-term career goals.
If your goal and objective is to have continuous career enhancement a Masters in Project
Management can be the right decision for you. The perfect MSc program will advance your
overall understanding of management of projects, develop business and leadership acumen
and strengthen strategic thinking. Prepared for promotions you can set your foot strong on the
path of career progression.
Interactive learning
Unlike the PMP certification course, MSc in Project Management allows you to learn and
interact with a cohort of like-minded people. You get an opportunity to explore the course
material with your tutors and peers and not just by yourself. Peer-to-peer learning can do
wonders and therefore this can be an important differentiating factor.
Level up your co-existing skillset

Indeed, an MSc in Project Management can be a deal of benefit for candidates from a
technical background. Along with broad and far-reaching business knowledge, industry
competencies can offer the ideal complement to your prior experience and education. Also in
today's world of work, highly qualified prospects make the most valuable and attractive
Besides, with deep project management capabilities and specialist expertise offered by a
Project Management Masters you can truly deliver greater business results.
In addition to sole focus on project management practices, PMP certification grants you the
skillset to excel your short-term goals and immerse in self-study. If you are looking for a
qualification that can develop deep business sense alongside project management cleverness,
Masters is the right choice for you. The course will accelerate your short term as well as long
term goals and allow access to collaborative learning.
All in all, the MSc in Project Management curriculum demonstrates the experience, learning,
skill and mastery needed to lead and direct projects. Time, cost as well as quality effective
execution is the most sought-after quality of MSc programs. And MSc in Project
Management awarded by UWS imparts exactly the same quality to its students.