Pathways and Job Scopes after MBA in Project and Operations

Pathways and Job Scopes after MBA in Project and Operations

The MBA in Project and Operations jobs would require starting, planning, executing, implementing, supervising projects. Interestingly, the profile demands gathering teams together and being successful in the projects. This specialization is a valuable skill to acquire to run any business. Moreover, several project and operations jobs are from business industries like Construction, Information Technology, Consultation, and more. 

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Several Job Profiles for MBA in Project and Operations


Let’s dive into the different MBA in Project and Operations jobs to have a transparent idea about the profile it offers.


Operations Manager

Handling overall operations and managing everything effectively and with efficiency is demanded in this job profile. Managing labour, quality control, safety measures are part of this job role.


Quality Manager

Following legal compliance, knowing the purpose of the project, the satisfying needs of the customer are some of the roles of a Quality Manager. Also, supervising and assisting in meeting the requirements is also part of the job.


Cost Estimator

In the manufacturing of a certain project, a Cost Estimator will evaluate data, calculate time, the money required and labour resources. This requirement can be for a certain product or one industry.


Project Scheduler

The customization and designing of a project are done by the Project Scheduler. Working with project employees and clients is required in this profession.


MBA in Project and Operations jobs offers potential growth and it is a good way to improve overall skills.  Lincoln University of Business and Management offers MBA in Project and Operations which is worth checking out. Go to our website and propel your career.