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March 31, 2021
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Overview of all our Recognized Partners Globally

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Lincoln University of Business and Management (LUBM) stands tall in UAE amidst the network of international learning centres. Here is where learners and doers can indulge in numerous courses at all levels. Undoubtedly some of the most renowned and premium universities offer these courses. Glad to serve and contribute to societal growth and advancement, LUBM is delighted about its partnership. As a matter of fact a glut of students have benefitted and experienced glorifying victory from the same. Talking about the international partner universities:

York St John University, UK

To begin with, established in 1841, the official title of York St John University was administered on 1st October, 2006. YSJ ranks 23rd among other 153 universities on the land of the UK. With over 6,500 students at present and as an awardee of the national centre for excellence status in creativity, the university has phenomenal Masters of Business Administration (MBA) courses on the go. Students all over the world have the privilege to access its practical and competitive MBA programs, in proud partnership with LUBM.  Also, in an attempt to inculcate the contemporary business working style, the course curriculum has been curated with intense brainstorming. Equally important, with high-calibre teaching and education, YSJ has brought out avant-garde executives in the business market.

Geneva Business School

Together with being the 7th best business school in Switzerland, Geneva Business School is an honoured part of the top 100 universities in the world by CEOWORLD Magazine. LUBM gives its students an opportunity to study the exclusive Swiss-quality business education. Moreover, GBS MBA courses use creative and pioneering learning methodology, leaving an impressive mark. GBS trains candidates with holistic understanding and comprehensive knowledge for the modern digital era. The programs and their coursework further strengthen the skills of students, opening doors to several career prospects.  LUBM is happy about its collaboration with GBS as one of its most esteemed educational partners.

University of the West of Scotland

The University of the West of Scotland is one of the largest modern universities in the country. The far-reaching syllabus of the UWS courses is a reflection of mastery and experience. The entire support staff and professionally active faculty strives towards a transformational development. UWS and LUBM together offer the MSc in Project Management program. This industry appraised credential demonstrates superlative project management techniques and boosts career in the job market. In the light of shaping zestful and efficient project managers for the corporate world, the course schedule is potent with important particulars of the project management discipline. 

OTHM Qualifications – UK

OTHM Qualifications is a UK based awarding organization which is regulated by Ofqual and recognized by Qualification Wales. The broad variety of leadership and management qualifications symbolize its uniqueness. In partnership with LUBM, OTHM extends these online diploma courses. Besides being accessible to learners, professionals and working class people, the online programs match the standard of perfection. They aim at bringing professionalism and competency coupled with skills to their participants. All in all, from basic foundation courses to high-level postgraduate courses, OTHM marks an unmatched trade of expertise and intelligence.  

Qualifi Qualifications – UK

Regulated by ofqual and as one of the leading qualification organizations in the world, Qualifi allows learners to leverage the multiple degree pathways relevant to the workplace of today and the future. All the educational content here meets specific business demands and maintains an overseas appeal. An impeccable team of internationally recognized educators believe in merging world-class brilliance with practical assessments. LUBM in alliance with Qualifi offers a wonderful array of online diploma courses for all keen learners. This qualification, with its lucid representation of remarkable soft skills and business mastery will enhance your post at any organization. 



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