Level 3 Diploma in Business Studies


The Level 3 Diploma in Business Studies offered by OTHM aims to furnish learners with complete understanding of business structures and how they function. It is designed for young learners who wish to progress to a management degree but may not possess the entry requirements. Students are able to enhance their knowledge of a colossal range of subjects like basic accounting, economics, marketing principles and their application, Information Technology (IT) etc. On completion of this course, graduates will have ample knowledge about the internal and external business environments, management of resources and operations and effective communication. On receiving this diploma, graduates can further their education in this direction with ease.


  • The Level 3 Diploma in Business Studies qualification is offered to learners from the age of 16 and onwards.
  • It is deemed the responsibility of the center to ensure that the applicant is capable enough to complete this course with a certain level of standard in his or her performance.


The Level 3 Diploma in Business Studies qualification consists of a total of 60 credits. Students are required to complete 4 mandatory units and 2 optional units of their choice. Each of these units are of 10 credits each. This amounts to a combined total of 600 hours of Total Qualification Time (TQT) and 360 Guided Learning Hours (GLH).


  • Introduction to Research and Academic Skills (10 credits)
  • Using IT for Business (10 credits)
  • Introduction to Economics and Accounting (10 credits)
  • Introduction to the Business Environment (10 credits)


All units completed by the student are evaluated internally by the center as well as externally by OTHM. Learners are granted a “Pass” if their performance is agreed to have met the learning outcomes and standards expected by the assessment criteria. This decision is taken by the concerned assessor.

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