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About OTHM Qualifications

OTHM is a UK diploma accreditation body under the regulation of Ofqual, also known as the Office of the Qualifications and Examinations Regulation. The diplomas awarded by OTHM are recognized by Qualifications Wales.

The Lincoln University of Business and Management stands tall in UAE amongst the network of global learning centres where learners can access the online diploma courses offered by OTHM

These online diploma courses include a wide array of leadership and management qualifications that span several business sectors, professionals, and industries.

Who regulates OTHM?

Why choose OTHM Qualification Diploma?
Subject Areas:

Our online diploma courses under OTHM are readily accessible to learners, working professionals, employers, and other higher education institutions. The subject areas are centred around leadership and management in the business world, aimed at bringing the highest standard of professionalism, competencies and skills to all our learners. 

Each of the online courses developed by OTHM maintains a world-class level of quality. The list of OTHM Qualifications accessible via The Lincoln University of Business and Management includes: 

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