Top International MBA in Dubai

Top International MBA in Dubai

Top International MBA in Dubai

Many top universities focus on providing MBA Courses for students across the globe. They do this by offering the top international MBA in Dubai that cover different fields of business. However, there are certain business schools that have distinguished themselves with well-curated business courses. And you wish to pursue a top international MBA in Dubai at one of these business schools.  

Many students dream of experiencing cross-cultural education away from home. Yet, there are challenges like high tuition fees and high entry requirements among others. Due to the diversity brought by technology and the internet, it’s easy to overcome most of these challenges to the top international MBA in Dubai. 

Table of Content

  • Finding the Top International MBA in Dubai
  • London Business School MBA
  • Lincoln University of Business and Management
  • University of Leicester MBA
  • Imperial School of Management
  • Edinburgh Business School MBA
  • Zayed University MBA
  • Insead MBA
  • Middlesex University Dubai MBA
  • Hult International Business School MBA
  •  Conclusion


Finding the Top International MBA in Dubai

It is, therefore, crucial to find the right business school that offers you the options necessary to help overcome the barriers. Usually, some of these options include course flexibility, duration, online resources and student support system. 

Getting an MBA in Middle East schools has become trendy for many international students. Over the years, there has been a sharp rise in top-quality schools in this area to match the rising demand for international MBA degrees. 

Hence, if you are looking forward to beginning a top international MBA in Dubai at an international institution, you can add these schools to your list.

London Business School MBA

London Business School provides top programs for students interested in managerial courses. The school prides itself on adequately equipping managers to handle the various complexities in the business world. The school does this by intensifying the course modules to meet the standards of the real world.

In this London based school, about 90% of the MBA student population are not originally from the city. Students from all over the world come together to make up the student body. This brings together a diverse student body for each MBA Program.

The school boasts of a global professional network that can come in handy in your career. You get access to leading recruiters in your career path once you have completed your MBA courses. This gives you an advantage in the working world.

This business school also makes it a point to provide a tailored MBA to fit your career path. With 80 plus elective and applied learning opportunities, you can study within a 15-21 month duration.

Lincoln University of Business and Management (LUBM)

Lincoln University UAE provides internationally recognized programs for Masters, Bachelors, and Diploma certifications. For students with interests in earning an MBA in Dubai, LUBM is a great first choice to list. Located in Sharjah, UAE, the school focuses on providing flexible education for both workers and non-workers.

LUBM follows the blended delivery model, where you can study both online and face-to-face interactions. With this model, you get the time to balance other activities without the hassle of being on campus every day. The educational standards retain their quality, even with this model, establishing itself as one of the top international MBA in Dubai.

With their affordable and convenient payment systems, students from all over the world are currently enrolled in their business schools. LUBM is associated with other top institutions in the academic field. They include York St John University, OTHM, Geneva Business School, and Qualifi. The association expands the schools’ resources, which benefits all students.

While earning an MBA in Sharjah, you can easily experience the rest of the UAE’s culture. The capital, Abu Dhabi, is an hour and a half drive away from the school. The city of Dubai is also 30 minutes away. 

On top of it all, one of the best reasons to choose Lincoln University UAE is to enjoy its program customizations. These customizations are progressive since they meet up-to-date conditions in the business world. You are bound to connect with the school’s diverse student body. Hence, creating worldwide connections that would last you a lifetime as you progress in your career.

University of Leicester MBA

The University of Leicester grants students the option of a customizable program. It takes 24- 32 months to get an MBA Degree from Leicester. But, their strength lies in the tailor-fit classes to suit individual schedules.

The school of business describes itself as a global academy for leaders, change-makers, and innovators. The school prides itself on its 90-years of delivering education in the business field. In almost a century, they have racked up experience in business courses. They have successfully focused on management, marketing, finance, accounting, and economics.

With over two hundred professional services and academic staff, the school aims to be well-equipped. The school recognizes imparting knowledge as a top priority; hence, their use of a diverse staff. 

Located in Leicester, United Kingdom, the school also provides a digital learning environment. Students can also use this platform to access educational resources for their MBA Courses. Leicester is a beautiful city with lots of beautiful places. This would be great for international students to explore.

Imperial School of Management

Imperial School of Management is one of the first universities to consider when looking to complete a Fast Track MBA program. Generally, it takes a minimum of 12 months for MBA students to complete a Program. Imperial School gives the option to fast track finishing course modules to complete a Program.

You can earn an MBA in MiddleEast from their array of flexible programs. These programs are molded to meet the standards of the working world. With multiple partnerships, the business school is guided on the best path that is current and efficient. The partners include Qualifi, Magna Carta college, ATHE, Anglia Rusia, and Bucks New University.

Additionally, they offer internationally accredited degrees from UK and Swiss Awarding bodies. The school makes these courses affordable with a lenient payment system. With their fast track option, your experience might be short but eventful.

Edinburgh Business School MBA

The school offers programs that are flexible to students around the globe. Edinburgh Business School further provides flexibility on payment plans and options. Students can take advantage of the payment system to cover their affordable MBA Programs.

Edinburgh Business School is in Scotland. The school has courses that cover management, leadership disciplines, and core business. Students learn to build on innovative approaches, analysis, and strategic courses.  Additionally, students get the choice to specialize in strategy, finance, or entrepreneurship.

International students would find a home in Scotland while enrolled in Edinburgh Business School. This situation is possible due to the welcoming nature of the Scottish. The diversity on campus also makes it easier to find other students you relate to on cultural aspects. Whether this occurs, Scottish culture is a worthwhile experience.

The business school grants accommodation for MBA students who meet certain requirements. Yet, there are other accommodation options that the university can recommend. All recommendations meet the right standards for a pleasurable stay in Scotland.

Zayed University MBA

Students who are interested in taking a more personal approach to studies choose Zayed University because of this option. Their MBA programs help students prepare for the complex business world by building on their knowledge, skills, and expertise. These skill sets are useful for the career ahead after completing their MBA in Dubai.

Zayed University sits in the heart of the popular city Dubai. For this reason, those who look to earn an MBA in MiddleEast usually look to Dubai. The city is filled with modern and jaw-dropping infrastructure. The people are very law-abiding, and welcoming of foreigners too. For these reasons, the city recorded a total of 16.7 million visitors in 2019.

Living in Dubai for your MBA would also be as memorable as all the visits from tourists. Zayed University also makes this visit worthwhile by providing quality education. The school also has a campus in Abu Dhabi, for students who prefer earning an MBA in Abu Dhabi.

Insead MBA

INSEAD is an outstanding school that offers commendable, ever-present support to its students. The business school has all access campuses in Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. This way, the school can spread its facilities and resources amongst different cultures.

Its diversity peaks in so much that the school records over ninety different nationalities on its campuses. They identify themselves as the business school of the world. INSEAD believes that its multi-cultural environment is ideal for students’ development. Such growth comes in both professional and personal ways. Different cultures and perspectives tend to clash on campuses in the process.

For those interested in getting an MBA in the Middle East, the campus available is in Abu Dhabi, UAE. Workers from anywhere in the UAE can enrol in their 14-month fast-track MBA program. Students can also study part-time to find a flexible timetable. Getting an MBA in Abu Dhabi would be convenient once you are comfortable with your schedule.

SP Jain School of Global Management MBA 

SP Jain School of Global Management offers an MBA program that you can complete within a year. The school educates individuals from an extensive list of cultures. They provide knowledge of various political systems, business practices, and consumer preferences.

SP Jain practices the double-track method. So, students have the option of studying on campus and studying online. You can also choose to combine the two, depending on your choice. There is an SP Jain campus available for students who want to earn an MBA in Dubai

Other campuses can be found in Sydney, Mumbai, and Singapore. The spread of campuses creates a diverse student body with students all over the world. These students benefit from the flexibility the school provides in academics. The 12-month postgraduate programs are designed to suit both workers and non-workers. SP Jain boasts of enhancing MBA courses to suit real-world problems today.

Middlesex University Dubai MBA

You can balance education and work with Middlesex University’s MBA courses. The school offers a flexible option to complete course modules. This enables successful module completion when students are available. Enrolling in Middlesex University Dubai means you also get access to academic resources. 

The school is a competition for other schools that grant people an MBA in MiddleEast. Their MBA courses are meant to prepare students for management challenges that exist across the globe. The complex international context within the program makes it a good option for foreign students.

Middlesex University Dubai boasts of enforcing theory and practice in its study modules. This approach is ideal for student’s careers after graduating. The school rewards a UK degree even as though you earn your MBA in Dubai. Students get the benefit of learning from invited staff from other international institutions once in a while.

Hult International Business School

Hult International has campuses spread across different continents in the world. From New York, Shanghai, San Francisco, Ashridge, Boston, and London. Additionally, the school has a campus present in Dubai for those looking forward to earning an MBA in Middle East. 

Getting an MBA in Dubai would be an unforgettable experience for students. The city is extravagant and shows off glamour on every block. Yet, living conditions are moderate, making it easy for many to live comfortably. Even though Dubai is not the capital city, getting an MBA in Abu Dhabi is not as memorable as Dubai’s.

Hult’s campuses come with beautiful faculties and accommodation. Also, international students experience a diverse climate of students. This diversity brings about a rich multicultural experience for all enrolled in the business school. The benefit from this is how it teaches students to adjust no matter which environment their career leads them.


Today, getting an International MBA is easier than ever. Many students were not well informed of all the conditions and requirements that come with remote learning and international programs. Things are different now, as students can find out what works for them before committing to any particular program. For example, getting an MBA in Dubai has never been this easy. 

Schools today have multiple affiliations to improve study models. The popular attributes amongst these top schools are flexibility and enhanced study modules. MBA students prefer flexible courses, so they can also focus on other activities. 

For example, students who choose to get an MBA in Abu Dhabi also try to find work in the capital city. In general, the common denominator is how courses prepare students for real-life career problems. Feel free to connect with us !