Online MBA Courses of LUBM 

Online MBA Courses of LUBM 

Online MBA Courses of LUBM 

Move Ahead With Online MBA, Masters, and Bachelors Programs

No matter at what stage of your life you are currently in, getting a degree will always be beneficial to you. In this constantly evolving world, you have to regularly update yourself. And education is the best way to do it. Here at Lincoln University of Business and Management, we help you to achieve the same through several bachelor’s, master’s, and MBA programs. 

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The Very Beginning

In 2014, a team of dedicated professionals belonging to different sectors of the corporate world came together with a vision. The vision was to inspire and drive professionals to get into the process of continuous learning. Today, this vision has become a thriving reality. 

Lincoln believes in delivering quality education that is not only theoretical but practical as well. Students are trained under the guidance of a team of accomplished professors. These professors hail from top corporate firms of the world. With their experience, they bring on the table practical knowledge which helps the students to strive in their professional roles. 

Courses Offered by LUBM

LUBM offers several undergraduate, postgraduate,  top-up, and online MBA  programs. These programs are extremely flexible and affordable. Students can customize the courses to best suit their needs.  LUBM follows a blended model to deliver the courses which makes it easier for the students. 

Undergraduate Programs of LUBM

BA Hons Business Management 

BA Hons Business Management is a top-up course offered by LUBM in proud partnership with York St John University, UK. Individuals having prior related qualifications can apply for this course to get an honors-level award. The curriculum is designed to give students a deeper look into the workings of the business world. 

BBA International Management

This course is offered in partnership with Geneva Business School, Switzerland. This fast track, the course is delivered through a blended model. Students acquire their knowledge about the international business world through ardent classroom lectures as well as guest lectures. The course takes 14 to 16 months to complete. 

Postgraduate Programs of LUBM

MSc in Project Management

There has been a steady rise in the graph of demand for professionals trained in project management. This course offered in association with the University of West Scotland trains the student to deal with projects of different sectors capably. Students gain the skill set to aptly go through each stage of a project right from its initiation to its successful completion. This is a distance learning online course that can be accomplish in 12- 18 months of duration. 

Top-up Masters Courses

LUBM in association with the University of Chichester, UK offers some top-up master’s programs. These programs hone the skill sets of the students and make adept professionals out of them. Professionals who can deal with any obstacle swiftly and adroitly. Students get the option to customize the programs according to their needs. Upon the completion of these courses, eligible students can apply for the various fully accredited programs offered by UOC in association with London Graduate School, UK.  The courses offered are:

  • MSc in Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  • MSc in Accounting and Finance
  • MA in Human Resources Management
  • MSc in Health and Social Care Management
  • MSc in Project Management
  • MA in Education Management and Leadership
  • MSc in Strategic Marketing 

Online MBA Courses of  LUBM

LUBM offers online MBA courses in proud academic partnership with York St John University, UK, and Geneva Business School, Switzerland. With students from different corners of the world, students get the chance to build an enriched network. Students broaden their horizons by participating in several regularly conducting workshops and webinars. The highly flexible and cost-effective programs are perfect for both working professionals and budding individuals. Following are the specialization of MBA offered by LUBM in association with York University and GBS:

  • MBA
  • Project and Operations Management MBA
  • Finance MBA
  • Strategic Human Resource (HR) Management and Leadership MBA
  • Quality Management MBA
  • Executive MBA
  • International Management MBA
  • Human Resource (HR) Management MBA
  • Healthcare Management MBA
  • Global Banking and Finance MBA
  • Marketing Management MBA
  • Information Technology MBA
  • Education Leadership MBA
  • Supply Chain Management MBA

Apart from these LUBM also offers top-up online MBA programs. These courses are ideal for people with prior relevant experience, looking to sharpen their skill sets. Following is the list of the courses: