Myths about the MSc in Project Management program


Myths about the MSc in Project Management program

Today we are debunking a few myths about MSc in Project Management program through this blog.

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Table of Content:

  • Introduction
  • Read on to find out the common myths about MSc in Project Management Program
  •  The software will take over Project Manager roles
  •  An MBA in Project Management is a better option
  •  MSc degrees take up a lot of time
  •  MSc in Project Management program is theory-oriented
  • Final Words

Project Management is on top of the list for promising fields. We can also say with certainty that it is there to stay for a long time. Across industries, organizations are now starting to make their operations more project-based. Companies are always on the look for project managers who can collaborate with teams placed in different locations and successfully pull up complex projects.

Studies state that in the coming years, the demand for skilled project management professionals is going to double or maybe even quadruple. Therefore, we can say that the field of project management as a potential career is opening up big time.

The demand for senior-level talent in this field has opened up ways in which people can expand their skill sets. And this for sure is the best time to get yourself a postgraduate degree in Project Management. But even with so much demand and popularity, there are still many myths that are floating around about this industry.

If you belong to this industry and are looking to broaden your horizon with a postgraduate degree, you are sure to have come across some of it. These myths can shake up the foundations of your career plans. But don’t worry, to help you out we have made a list of some myths about the MSc in Project Management program. And we will also debunk these myths with facts.

Read on to find out the common myths about MSc in Project Management Program

  •  The software will take over Project Manager roles

This is a relatively new myth that has come into being. With technologically advancing at almost light speed, people have started to believe that eventually, the software will come up, which will replace project manager roles. But the reality is far from it.

The truth is that the project manager’s roles require soft skills, like leadership and communication skills. Especially with the business world slowly shifting to the remote working culture, these skills are becoming more valuable. And it is very unlikely that any software can acquire these skills. Thus, you can easily sit back and relax and start working on your Project Management career.

  •  An MBA in Project Management is a better option

This myth is one of the most debated ones. A lot of people believe that doing an MBA in project management opens up more doors of opportunity. The simple answer to this is it depends on you. And before you make a decision, you need to do thorough research about both the courses.

 An MBA in Project Management degree is more prevalent. An MBA degree will help sharpen your leadership skills and teach you a lot about the bigger picture of the business world. It focuses more on aspects like business analytics, human resource management, etc. although the degree holds high regard in the eyes of recruiters, it won’t give subject-specific knowledge.

An MSC in Project Management program is more specific. It will prepare you in better ways for the professional world. This program puts the spotlight more on honing the skills specifically required to complete projects. Therefore, if you wish to get your hands on some specific knowledge, then an MSc degree is definitely your way to go.

  •  MSc degrees take up a lot of time

 The usual consensus is that a master’s degree at least takes two years. But that’s not the case for MSc in Project Management programs. For example, the course offered by Lincoln University of Business and Management only takes 12 to 18 months to complete.

With the demand curve rising, many project management professionals started looking for programs that they could pursue while keeping their jobs. To meet this demand, many globally recognized universities like LUBM started offering programs that took less time to complete. Also, the LUBM program offers extreme flexibility to the students in terms of class schedule, time is taken to complete the course, etc.

  •  MSc in Project Management program is theory-oriented

It is a common misconception that MSc programs are more theory-oriented and you will gain only theoretical knowledge from them. But the truth is far from it. A good MSc in Project Management program, like the one offered by LUBM, will help you gain both theoretical and practical knowledge and skills as well. The assignments, case studies, and engaging sessions help the students acquire several skills like critical thinking, problem-solving, and communication.

Final Words…

 We hope through this article we have been able to clear out any doubts you had regarding applying for an MSc in Project Management program. If yes, then you should go and apply for the program offered by LUBM in partnership with the University of the West of Scotland. The program focuses on imparting theoretical, as well as practical, knowledge required to thrive in today’s industry. So hurry up, and book yourself a seat!