MBA in Project and Operations Management

Total Modules / Units

18 + Dissertation

Course Duration

16-18 Months

Degree Awarded By

Geneva Business School

Total Credits (ECTS)

90 ECTS 180 UK Credits

Study Mode

Face to Face, Virtual Learning


MBA in Project and Operation Management offered at Lincoln University of Business and Management in proud association with Geneva Business School, Switzerland can help develop managerial responsibilities among students through a highly interactive curriculum.

The MBA course includes real-world case studies that equip students with the skills required to seamlessly manage projects and operations. Operations management is a field that majorly focuses on the development, production, and manufacturing of goods. Professionals also handle operations like inventory control, supervision, and planning, which require technical knowledge and creative skills.

Through the course, students will develop a strong knowledge of project management and international operations which will in turn help them to succeed in their respective job roles after graduation at a tremendous pace. Students learn different methodologies that ensure organizational success through proper project and operations management.


With technology drastically changing how things work in every dimension of the business world, it is important that students get an in-depth understanding of both theory and practical knowledge. The students of MBA in Project Management subjects will learn to effectively handle projects, manage and motivate subordinates, engage in problem-solving, and handling the projects.

All these skills are taught to the students in classes like business analytics, innovation and technology, logistics management, supply chain management, business process re-engineering, and leadership management.

After graduating from the MBA in Project Management, inspiringly blended with operations, students will be experts at:

  • Ensuring business and legal standards are maintained during the entire project timeline
  • Assessing strategies used to gain continuous organizational success
  • Finding a realistic solution based on the knowledge of the industry concerned and skills learnt during the MBA course
  • Creating practical personal and professional development plans for the project team
  • Communicating feedback and suggestions between different levels of management
  • Ensuring a positive and productive work environment for the safety and comfort of employees
  • Providing knowledge about project and operation management to subordinates for effective management of all aspects of the business
  • Analyzing business strategies, methods, and theories to ensure standardized practices throughout the organization
  • Developing a budgeting strategy based on the principles of capital structure, asset valuation, capital budgeting, cost of capital, and corporate financing
  • Creating monthly, quarterly, and annual business reports and updates on operations of the organization

Delivery Tools

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Team Activities

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Role Playing

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Live Programs

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Virtual Programs

Entry Requirements

General Application

  • Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent along with Transcript (In English)
  • Latest Passport Size Picture (Softcopy)
  • Statement of Purpose
  • All candidates must meet English language requirements as stated by the institute

Mature Applications

  • 7+ years of Work experience which includes three years at managerial / Leadership level which should clearly reflect in your CV.
  • Work Experience Letter
  • Statement of Purpose
  • All candidates must meet English language requirements as stated by the institute


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Geneva Business School is a leading business school providing cutting-edge, Swiss quality education on a global scale. GBS is at the forefront of innovative learning methods and is committed to the use of new technologies inside and outside the classroom.

GBS is uniquely positioned to give you that competitive edge. Our innovative learning methods, professional faculty, international business network and excellent career services combined with personalized student care makes choosing Geneva Business School a very smart decision.


Join more than 4000 students, alumni, academics and industry experts from over 72 countries. As an Lincoln University of Business and Management student you’ll have access to this rapidly growing global business network.

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Power of 3 qualifications in 1

Professional Certificate Stage

6 modules

Graduate Diploma Stage

12 modules

MBA Stage

18 modules + Dissertation


Students of MBA in Project management, inspiringly blended with operations, have a promising career ahead of them as organisations are always looking out for project and operations managers. We train our students to develop cost-effective and flexible techniques that maximum company profit. At the workplace, they are involved in purchasing, production, and distribution operations. They have to manage a smooth flow of information and raw materials throughout the procedure.

Innovation is something that is present naturally in our students. The MBA degree and other online courses use their knowledge to transform their innovative abilities into skills, which the students can use explore new processes that benefit the organisations to lower operating costs. We also teach our students about risk management as it is crucial for handling the complex activities of the business.

Equipped with organizational skills, our students develop ways to improve employee efficiency and productivity at workplace. They learn to coordinate multiple processes at once without feeling overburdened, making them successful operations manager.


 The field of project and operation management is task-based and delivery-focused. The primary job of an operation management professional is to handle resources, which can be employees, goods, services, technology, and equipment. They are also responsible for the quality of raw materials and the finished product as it ensures the organization’s long-term success.

Most of our students can find employment in several industry verticals across the globe. With specific job prospects, students can easily find employment at the best organisations. Graduating from the program, students can work in several job positions, which include a program manager, project procurement manager, operations engineer, management consultant, and project cost estimator.

You can also pursue your career as a business analyst, which is mostly a contract-based profession in which companies consult you for developing cost-effective project management processes. Logistics and supply chain management come under operation management. With the GBS Project management degree, our students face no difficulty in finding jobs or advancing their careers in the related fields.

All MBA programs at Lincoln University of Business and Administration are designed for career growth and expansion. We also offer online and blended courses that act as a career-boosting opportunity.


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