MBA in Healthcare Management

Total Modules / Units

18 + Dissertation

Course Duration

16-18 Months

Degree Awarded By

Geneva Business School

Total Credits (ECTS)

90 ECTS 180 UK Credits

Study Mode

Face to Face, Virtual Learning


The healthcare industry is evolving at much faster pace than anticipated. At present time, healthcare sector required reflective and visionary leaders who could drive the organization in this ever-evolving world. All the progressive government leadership has vouched for intensive investment in healthcare sector which results to rapid expansion.

The legislation related to healthcare, use of emerging technologies, effective support system, will lead to exponential growth in employment within healthcare industry. Lincoln University of Business and Management in association with Geneva Business School, Switzerland offers a splendid course MBA in Healthcare Management. The MBA in Healthcare Management program is exclusively designed for those who seek to advance their career in healthcare industry.

The program is taught in two brilliant mode: 100% online in which you do not disturb your work and personal schedule at all and the other one which is more inspiring, the unique blended learning.


The MBA in Healthcare Management course revolve around the principles of strategic healthcare planning, hospital policies and Accreditation, and High Impact Healthcare Leadership, so that the management students are able to apply their knowledge at a global scale. Our program shifts the attention from focus to demand focused, which enables the students to help the organization stay ahead in the competition.

Graduating from the MBA in Healthcare Management course empowers our students with the:

  • Ability to leverage a healthcare supply strategy for procurement and delivery of healthcare products
  • Understanding of relation between project and quality management related to different facets of the patient relationship, patient satisfaction and the hospital.
  • Means to customize planning decisions including aggregate planning and forecasting according to the geographical area
  • Skills to deal with managerial issues and develop a demand-fulfilment process specific to the product and company.
  • Critical and creative thinking vital for Healthcare operations.
  • Knowledge of data analytics and utilize it for a better analysis of available hospital data for saving money and time involved in healthcare management
  • Understanding of risk management, newest technology applications, and environmental and social responsibility of the company and developing strategies and tactics accordingly
  • Ability to select vendors, engage in designing and redesigning of products and services, and product management
  • Methods to minimize production, labour, and raw materials, which increases the organizations net profit

Delivery Tools

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Team Activities

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Role Playing

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Live Programs

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Virtual Programs

Entry Requirements

General Application

  • Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent along with Transcript (In English)
  • Latest Passport Size Picture (Softcopy)
  • Statement of Purpose
  • All candidates must meet English language requirements as stated by the institute

Mature Applications

  • 7+ years of Work experience which includes three years at managerial / Leadership level which should clearly reflect in your CV.
  • Work Experience Letter
  • Statement of Purpose
  • All candidates must meet English language requirements as stated by the institute


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GBS is uniquely positioned to give you that competitive edge. Our innovative learning methods, professional faculty, international business network and excellent career services combined with personalized student care makes choosing Geneva Business School a very smart decision.


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Power of 3 qualifications in 1

Professional Certificate Stage

6 modules

Graduate Diploma Stage

12 modules

MBA Stage

18 modules + Dissertation


MBA in Healthcare management program have become popular over the years because industry has been changing rapidly over the last few years and there has been a constant demand for professionals ever since then. In the past few years, we have seen many students take up the course because of bright job prospects but to do absolute justice to it, they need to first understand business expectations. The field of healthcare management is every changing as it is greatly influenced by the various factors.

Healthcare leaders need to be prompt and come up with creative solutions to ensure that the healthcare operations and policies take place according to the schedule. At Lincoln University of Business and Management, students are taught to handle such complex situations without feeling stressed by developing analytical skills. When students take up the managerial role, they are required to train their subordinates to handle their management procedures to ensure a smooth process.


All students who have graduated from our MBA programs are currently involved in local as well as multinational healthcare organizations all over the world. After graduating from our MBA in Healthcare Management course, the students can work as Hospital managers, Quality Supervisors, Hospital inventory planning managers /auditors, Pharmaceuticals facility manager, Medical insurance / health insurance provider manager, Hospital and wellness relationship executive and hospital administration specialist.


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