One year MBA Programs

One Year Accredited MBA Programs

York St University, UK

A Masters in Business Administration (MBA) is an internationally-recognised and highly-regarded award.
Whether you are already in a management position and wanting to take your career to the next level, or
aspire to leadership roles in the future, the York Business School Masters of Business Administration
(MBA) has been designed to help you gain the skills, knowledge and experience you need to give yourself
that competitive edge. The programme provides you with the opportunity to gain a practitioner-focused
MBA, laying the foundations for a critically aware and holistic understanding of business management.

You will explore issues that have significant impact within organisations by working with others and building
on both personal individual experiences and comparing and contrasting with those of cohort members. You
will carry out projects and assignments designed to help you apply the theories, tools and techniques you
learn. Much of the learning is developed through the establishment of collaborative learning communities of
programme participants and tutors and you will become part of that community of learning. Your
understanding is developed around the key skills, processes and practices of business, management and
finance. Solutions to real problems are suggested, discussed and analysed within the learning community
with the support of tutors and fellow learners.

A distinctive element of the MBA programme is the opportunity to gain professional accreditation from the
Chartered Management Institute (CMI) alongside the academic award.

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Structure & Mode

The programme is delivered in modular fashion. Each component is treated as a separate domain and lectures are delivered over an interactive platform either in contact or as recorded videos. Webinars, discussion forums and workshops are created to assist group learning. An industry specific conference is conducted in the subject areas where learners can participate and understand how these concepts are being applied across industries and countries. The structure is demonstrated as below:
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