Top 30 Online MBA Programs in Dubai, UAE




In the past few years, UAE has emerged as a promising market in the global business scene. This was followed by a natural boom of business schools in the region. Since a big percentage of students looking for an MBA in UAE are working executives, online programs were introduced. 


And no with the pandemic wreaking havoc all over the world, these courses are your way of moving ahead t a time when the whole world has come to a pause. We have curated a list of the top 30 universities offering MBA online in UAE. take a look. 


Hult International Business School

Hult International is a sought-after name for an online MBA in UAE.  The school is known for its exceedingly capable faculty team. It promotes teamwork to enhance the skills of leadership and communication. 


Why Hult International? 

The programs are designed to suit the schedules of working professionals. The flexible programs only take 18 to 24 months to complete. They also offer summer courses and four-day weekend courses once a month. 


Westford University College

The well-structured programs offered by Westford University College (WUC) helps the students to gain a global perspective of the industry. WUC encourages its students to strike a perfect balance between their studies and work. This balance along with a focus on personal growth helps students to achieve a thriving career. 


Why WUC?

The triple crown online executive MBA program is one of the best programs available in the UAE. typically designed for working professionals with some experience, this course is perfect for people facing a slump in their career growth.


 Lincoln University of Business and Management

An elite provider of online MBA in UAE, LUBM can be your ticket to a thriving managerial career. The fast-track MBA courses are finely curated with an emphasis on theoretical and practical knowledge. 

With years of industry experience, each faculty member has much more to offer the students than just textbook knowledge. Going through the extensive coursework will open up multiple new opportunities for you. 



There are multiple reasons to opt for the online MBA program of LUBM. Highly flexible modules, easy convenient access, affordable rates are just a few to anime. Students get access to recorded sessions of live virtual classes. This helps them to study at their own pace. LUBM has students enrolling from all across the globe. Students, therefore, get the opportunity to build a truly global network to help them build an exemplary career. 


York St. John University

Whether you are an industry expert or a fresher, if you are looking for an MBA in UAE, York St. John is where your search ends. A celebrated name in the UK, YSJ offers its MBA courses in Dubai in partnership with Lincoln University of Business and Management. These two highly recognized universities have come up with the best programs of MBA in UAE. 


Why York St. John?

The curriculum helps students gain a reflective approach to the industry. It also provides them with the needed experience, skillset, and knowledge to have an impactful career. 


University of Dubai

With its campus situated right in the heart of the city, Dubai Business School of the University of Dubai is the perfect place to get an MBA online in Dubai. The quality of the programs delivered is unmatched. Students get prepared to stand out in the UAE as well as the International Business scene. 


Why the University of Dubai?

The university has international accreditation from AACSB, which only 5% of the business school across the globe has. The curriculum of the programs lets the students simultaneously sit for professional qualifications such as CIM and CIPS in the UK and CFA Level 1 and CFM in the US.


London Business School

If you wish to get international exposure while getting your MBA in UAE, London Business School is your place. The London and Dubai campus together provide students access to a global professional network. Needless to say, this improves employment chances. 


Why LBS?

The two-year MBA program of LBS has been ranked #1 by Forbes. Additionally, Bloomberg and Financial Times have also ranked it as one of the best business schools in the world. These rankings are proof of the quality of education imparted here. 



Insead international offers excellent programs of distance MBA in Dubai. Working professionals enrolling in these programs complete the entire course from the comfort of their homes. The programs are crafted to strengthen the foundation of the students. Learning from the multicultural environment here, students bloom into exceptional entrepreneurs and leaders. 


Why Insead?

With a world-renowned curriculum, Insead offers students the luxury of customization. Students are free to attend the classes according to their schedules. They can also get their degree on a part-time basis. 


SP Jain School of Global Management

If you strive to achieve some personal growth goals along with gaining a degree, then SP Jain is the place for you. The noteworthy curriculum followed here is what makes it one of the best online universities in Dubai. You will be all ready to handle any challenges with utmost ease and carve your path to the epitome of success.


Why SP Jain?

The university has been ranked number 4 in the world by Times Higher Education. The double-track method offered by the university is perfect for those not comfortable with the idea of getting an MBA online entirely. 


Middlesex University

Amp up your skills for a managerial role through the discerning online MBA programs from Middlesex. Students get access to the best curriculum and academic resources to make their MBA journey worthwhile. 

Why Middlesex?

With their base campus in London, students get the chance of learning from the faculty team of both paces. You get global exposure from the comfort of your homes. Access all this while putting your learning to practice at your workplace. 


Learners Education

With fine quality accredited programs Learners Education is one of the best options if you are looking for options for MBA in UAE. their tailor-made courses might just be what you need if you are looking for ways to upgrade your career. 


Why Leaners Education?

To keep up with the busy schedule of working professionals, the programs here have multiple start dates and flexible modules.  Also, for those on a budget, this is one of the cheapest MBA in Dubai you can find. The flexible payment option gives another reason to students to join this university. 


Success Point College 

MBA is not just about gaining some theoretical knowledge. And the programs at Success Point are solely based on this. A lot of effort is put into the holistic development of the students. Through the UK curriculum, students study the industry’s latest trends and work towards building a flourishing career. 


Why Success Point?

The internationally accredited fast-track MBA programs are exceptionally flexible. It makes it a perfect choice for individuals seeking a perfect work-life balance. 


American University in Dubai

Your dream of successfully leading a team in a reputed organization can turn into a  reality with an online MBA program from the American University in Dubai. The university takes pride in its program which aims to deliver knowledge about key aspects of business and promotes the development of soft skills. 


Why AUD?

AUD offers MBA courses in Dubai which are all accredited by the AACSB. The 36-hour credit program is the most well-known program of them all. 


Zayed University

Under the guidance of a power-packed team of faculty, students gain knowledge about the workings of an organization with special emphasis on globalization and technological advances. With practitioner-based learning and in-depth knowledge, students from Zayed have gone to work for some of the best organizations across the globe after getting their online MBA in Dubai. 


Why Zayed?

The executive MBA program launched in 2019, has been a hit among the working professionals. Throughout the 4 semester course, students learn to operate efficiently in an ever-changing industry. 


Anglia Ruskin University

The MBA courses in Dubai offered by Anglia Ruskin might be your ticket to the business world. Their main focus has always been on equipping students with all the necessary skills to be exemplary managers.  With practical and hand os learning students graduate from here prepared to take on any complex challenges of the present-day business world. 


Why ARU?

ARU offers both part-time and full-time education. There is also the option of on-site and online studies. There is no difference in the quality of the programs. Each of the programs is carefully curated to best suit the needs of each individual. 


Imperial School of Management

 ISM has made it easy for the learners in UAE by offering online MBA programs that are globally recognized. With exceptional academic support, students have an easy time mastering the skills essential in today’s competitive business world. 


Why ISM?

Programs are offered by ISM are known for their flexibility. Students have the luxury of completing the course at their own suitable time. The blended model of learning ensures students don’t miss out on any experience during their one-year online MBA in UAE.


University of Leicester

A world-renowned business school in the UK, it offers an online MBA in UAE through an outstanding virtual training environment. The intensive coursework of the programs makes sure that students pick up on all the fine managerial skills, highly appreciated in the contemporary business arena. 


Why Leicester?

It offers an unmatched distance MBA in Dubai. Availing the options for customization, students can create their class schedule and complete the course in just two and a half years. 


University of Northampton

With an emphasis on business understanding programs, the University of Northhampton offers online MBA courses in Dubai both with or without placement facilities. This makes it a great choice for students willing to pursue further studies. 


Why UON?

You can opt for globally recognized online MBA programs with specializations in marketing, leadership innovation, project management,  logistics & supply chain management, and many more. They also offer scholarships with up to a 30% reduction in tuition fees. 


Manchester Business School

Recognizing the emergence of the UAE in the present-day business world, the University of Manchester opened its doors to the learners in UAE. through the university’s Middle East International Centre, students get access to the global executive MBA programs. The remarkably experienced team of faculty takes on the responsibility of preparing each student with theoretical and practical knowledge for the global market. 


Why MBS?

Through the Global Careers Service portal students get 24*7 access to several resources like career articles, useful external links, podcasts, webinars, etc. In case of any difficulties faced during the course, they can also visit the Dubai center for one-to-one guidance and support. 


Edinburgh Business School

With guidance from a globally experienced faculty team, you can get your MBA degree from anywhere in UAE studying from Edinburgh Business School. The curriculum helps the students to grasps different concepts of modern business. 


Why EBS?

To provide students the real classroom feeling, regular workshops and masterclasses are held. They also get the option of constructing their class as well as exam schedule.  


Abu Dhabi University

The hassle-free fast-track MBA program of Abu Dhabi University is one of your best shots at getting an MBA in UAE. with a blended teaching approach that includes a mix of group work, lectures, case studies, and simulation students master the skills to function without any glitch.



The program just takes just one year to completes. After just taking 30 credit hours, students are ready to venture into the business world and seize the day. The course is available both full-time and part-time. Students get to choose between weekend and evening classes. 


Edinburgh Napier University

Talking about online MBA in UAE, Edinburgh Napier is a name you can’t miss out on. It offers MBA in several specializations like banking, healthcare management, human resource management, finance, marketing, etc. all the courses are highly flexible and delivered virtually.


Why ENU?

Edinburgh Napier is known for the resources it provides to students. The most sought-after among these is the option of signing up for classes and paying. Continuous online help is another resource ENU is known for.


University of Sharjah

Witch accreditations from the US, Sharjah University offers a program of MBA in UAE, which is very easy to customize. Along with honing professional skills, the programs also focus on the growth of interpersonal skills. With these skills, students get ready to for taking up managerial roles in multiple business settings. 


Why Sharjah University?

The online MBA program can be completed either by completing 11 courses or by taking 9 courses along with a project. This is helpful for students having plans to pursue a Doctoral degree. 


Synergy University

This university is a well-known name for a cheap MBA in Dubai. After studying the latest theories of business in-depth and actively putting that knowledge into practice you will end up with an internationally accreditated degree and a promising career waiting for you. 


Why Synergy?

The 3 days a week evening classes are perfect for working professionals. It allows them to simultaneously work on the growth of their knowledge and experience. Synergy also offers attractive scholarships and grants to ease up the financial burden of the students. 


University of Bradford

The executive MBA program of the Univerity of Bradford is an excellent way to take your career graph on the upward journey. A prestigious name for MBA in Dubai has opened its doors to reach out to MBA aspirants all across the globe through distance education learning. 


Why Bradford?

The program is delivered in part-time mode. Students have 24 to 36 months to complete the course. Online resources including constant academic support are an added advantage for the students. 


University of Strathclyde

For candidates looking for a truly global experience, the MBA program of the University of Strathclyde is your destiny.  A top name in the UK, Strathclyde has study centers scattered across the globe. The highly experienced truly global faculty team visits the center from time to time to hold seminars. Students get to experience the brick-and-mortar classroom environment through these.  


Why Strathclyde?

The programs can be accessed online 24 hours 7 days a week. Students can therefore study without disturbing their professional or personal lives. 


University of Wollongong

The online MBA in Dubai p of Wollongong is exclusively designed for experienced industry professionals. In today’s constantly changing business world, the ability to embrace change is of crucial importance. Completing this program helps in this along with boosting up the confidence to confidently face any challenge with optimum preparedness. 


Why Wollongong?

Attending just three-weekend classes per semester will get you the degree which would, in turn, increase your chances of landing a high managerial position. The international recognition of this university acts as an added advantage and makes your resume more attractive in the eyes of recruiters. 


University of Bolton

Bolton offers two MBA courses in Dubai. The MBA to up program is of a one-year duration and has a more compact syllabus. The two-year course on the other hand has a more detailed curriculum helping students to get a more in-depth picture. Both the courses are part-time and are delivered using the online medium. 


Why UOB?

Students of Bolton have walked out of the university to become industry experts. The special attention each student is given helps them to do this. The customization option is another reason why it is a favorite among the learners in UAE. 


International Institute of Management and Technology Studies

IIMT has managed to appear in the top online universities in Dubai list, in a short period. The one-year and executive MBA programs are an excellent opportunity to upgrade yourself. The excellent curriculum will make you capable of grabbing onto global opportunities. 



Project-based learning and workshops dedicated to honing soft skills are a few of the attractive points of this university. The flexibility and easy payment options come next on the list. 


Eaton  Business School

EBS is dedicating to creating leaders with the vision of tomorrow. Partnership with well-known UK universities makes the courses all the more valuable. Embracing the latest technological trends, Eaton delivers programs that are flexible and affordable. The multicultural staff helps the students to explore the world without stepping out of their house. 


Why Eaton?

The international MBA program takes only 12 months to complete. This course can be pursued as either a distance learning course or as a part-time course. 


Exceed College 

This online MBA program has a detailed curriculum that doesn’t leave any leaf of the business world unturned. The range of resources offered to the students is exceptional. The combination of live interactive sessions and recorded sessions makes it a perfect blend for busy executives. 


Why Exceed?

The one-year online MBA program is an integrated course of two qualifications, a Master in Business Administration from UCAM, Murcia, Spain. Postgraduate Diploma in Business Management from Cambridge International Qualifications, UK.


Choosing the right college is a crucial step of your MBA journey. You need to have a clear picture of your goals. Only then will you be able to choose wisely from the long list of universities and be at advantage. We hope this list comes in handy for your MBA journey. 

In the past few years, UAE has emerged as a promising market in the global business scene. This was followed by a natural boom of business schools in the region. Since a big percentage of students looking for an MBA in UAE are working executives, online programs were introduced. 

And no with the pandemic wreaking havoc all over the world, these courses are your way of moving ahead t a time when the whole world has come to a pause. We have curated a list of the top 30 universities offering MBA online in  UAE. take a look. 



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