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Geneva Business School, Switzerland

In an increasingly competitive global business market, a MBA courses from Geneva Business School could be the edge you need to get ahead. Not only do our students graduate with a specialized qualification that enhances their CV, but also and perhaps more importantly they complete our programs with the knowledge and practical skills required to thrive in today’s world of business and management.
How is this achieved? Our experienced faculty members are all professionally active and as a result provide a practical and current learning experience that means you progress well in your
domain with a high level of confidence and capacity for excellence from day one. Additionally, we prepare our students for the modern digital age with our innovative & technophile approach to learning.
This degree further strengthens your chances to build a long and successful career and to consolidate your journey towards becoming a future leader.

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The Swiss Private Model

In Switzerland, the Swiss educational system is composed of Public and Private Institutions. It is important to highlight that normally, only Swiss public universities are recognized by the state.

The Swiss Private Model

To elaborate further, Swiss public universities are managed by the state and the degrees are equally issued by the state or a state-run governing entity.

Students often opt for public universities if they wish to study in an environment with a large array of permanent faculty members and large classes as government-subsidized tuition fees allow more students to apply.

The teaching approach is wholly theoretical and often taught by professors who have carried out research and long been associated with the academic world but rarely with the professional world of private companies and employment.

Private business schools, on the other hand, offer small classes and are not government-subsidized. They can achieve accreditation for their programs from international regulatory bodies such as IACBEEDUQUA, and AASBI

Faculty at private business schools usually work on a part-time basis, combining teaching with industry work. They are fully aware of the latest trends in their sector and teach it both in theory and in practice. 

The teaching methodology is much more hands-on, interactive, and practical. This category of professors ultimately train students to be better prepared and offer insight into real-world markets. As a result, credible private schools venture overseas to gain programmatic accreditation and look for external supervision and global benchmarking.

As part of its mission, Geneva Business School is proud to be a private business school, offering practical education and unique access to the networks of our faculty. This approach means our students graduate prepared for today’s world of business, with a high level of employability.

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