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Geneva Business School, Switzerland

In an increasingly competitive global business market, a GBS MBA course could be the edge you need to get ahead. Not only do our students graduate with a specialized qualification that enhances their CV, but also and perhaps more importantly they complete our programs with the knowledge and practical skills required to thrive in today’s world of business and management.
How is this achieved? Our experienced faculty members are all professionally active and as a result provide a practical and current learning experience that means you progress well in your
domain with a high level of confidence and capacity for excellence from day one. Additionally, we prepare our students for the modern digital age with our innovative & technophile approach to learning.
This degree further strengthens your chances to build a long and successful career and to consolidate your journey towards becoming a future leader.

Swiss Quality Education and UK Accredited Degree

GBS combines the best of Swiss quality private education with Top-up from a distinguished UK public university

Tailored Programs

GBS students benefit from made-to-measure programs and flexible schedules

Global Campus Network

Exciting transfer opportunities between our GBS campuses worldwide

Academic Support

GBS offers its students developmental mentoring mentoring and support from start to finish

Digital Education

GBS offers its students developmental mentoring mentoring and support from start to finish

Top MBA Courses in Dubai, UAE (2020)


Assessments help evaluate learners’ understanding, interpretation and readiness of deployment of knowledge of the units.
The units as fundamentals of business functions that professionals practice or interface each day are also gauged in a practical manner. Evaluation methods include but not limited to:

  • Case Studies / Caselets
  • Presentations & Projects
  • Individual / Group Assignment
  • Hands on Class Activity
  • Debates
  • Simulation
  • Multiple Choice Questions
  • Short Descriptive Questions

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