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Upcoming Sessions 21 & 22 January 2022

Program – GBS MBA

Unit Name – CST 617 Case Study 2

Session Date – 22nd January 2022 (Week 3)

CST 617 Case Study 2 is an orientation unit of the GBS MBA program. The learners will be attending sessions in their area of specialisations this time. The sessions will be delivered for all the major specialisations offered by the GBS UAE campus.

Program – UWS MSc

Unit Name – QUAL 11023 Postgraduate Research Methods

Session Dates – 21st & 22nd January 2022 (Session 5 & 6)

This module discusses how to formulate a research-worthy problem, then discusses the various different approaches that can be taken in carrying out research, and finally discusses how to present research results both in verbal and written forms. The different approaches to research (both qualitative and quantitative methods) will be discussed. The different types of tools and techniques that may be employed within these methods, such as use of focus groups, surveys, questionnaires, interviews, experiments, and case studies will be taught as well. The use of different data analysis methods to describe and interpret both qualitative and quantitative data is explored. Other issues covered in the module include: planning, use of library resources, doing a literature review, critiquing published research, and legal and ethical constraints.

Program – YSJ Sp MBA

Program – YSJ Sp MBA

Session Dates – 21st & 22nd January 2022 (Session 5 & 6)

The success or failure of a marketing strategy heavily depends on the quality of their decision- making, especially in the strategic levels. Rational and fact-based decision-making process requires careful thought in order to collect the right data from the proper sources and then have unbiased, non-judgmental analysis to extract those facts that are important in firstly understanding the situation, formulating the problem and then forecasting the future this approach will be applied to the marketing discipline. This module provides a broad understanding of the wider context analysing marketing data, including the importance of visualizing and understanding data, representing data in a meaningful way to be used for decision making. It then explores effective methods for describing and summarizing data, sampling and estimating, hypothesis testing and understanding the relationship between variables.

Program – YSJ BA Hons

BMB6007M Strategic Leadership for Innovation and Change

Session Dates – 22nd January 2022 (Session 3)

This module provides students with a detailed understanding of the key concepts and principles of leadership in the context of change and innovation. It considers leadership as a fundamental and pivotal role within organisational development and how the behaviour of a leader influences both individual and organisational performance and creativity.  The module also seeks to identify how leaders may interact with individuals and the wider organisation to raise performance and maximise the success of change initiatives.

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