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November 12, 2019
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Is Education Technology Choosing the Disruptive Way

Education technology

In today’s scenario of classrooms are not only made up of heavy paper books, worn-down pencils but have marked the path for tablets, laptops, and other digital tools, software that are changing the ways for students learning. These tools not just improve the delivery of the material but are kicking off the changes that how the students are involved for collaboration and how they tend to receive the feedback from the teachers and how they should learn to think and try to interact with the vast amount of information already available to them. Let’s talk about how technology is disrupting education:

But why education needs disrupting?

Education needs are not disrupting but reaching to every corner and amending the traditional ways of learning things. The education programs need disruption to get them amalgamated with the conventional ones; students should be groomed from their tender age to enter into a world where they need to stay for the rest of their lives. Education is a pillar of professional lives, and people should know how to embrace it with technical stuff. With training, yes, you can have deep-rooted things in your life, which will allow you to be sure of your work, and side by side, you will know the events are happening outside your school corridors. Education in schools and colleges are remarkably changing its views and in the coming years there will be more to express and explore through technical platforms.

Technology allows students to consume and learn the content socially:

The classrooms have shifted from the teacher-centric models where the students are allowed to listen quietly to their instructor and start learning the material. The process of learning is now project-based, and at times it is centric to game-based too. The education games and mobile apps are penetrating the education domain and allowing the teachers to differentiate lessons about every student’s requirement. The programs ensure that students can able to work in teams and complete all challenges and assigned work together. There are many open-source learning platforms like Moodle that can enable teachers to look for courses where these students can able to engage in discussions while staying at home or physically away from classrooms.

Nowadays, while working in groups, students tend to move towards technology to make the learning process social. Instead of reading traditional books in solitude, the students find it a natural process for reading e-books and where they can make annotations or can pursue blogs where there can write their opinion in the comments section. One of the other social platforms that derive a lot of attention from students on YouTube by delivering engaging, social, mobile-friendly, and stimulating content to people.


According to a report published in 2016, by Ofcom, about 41% of students in the age group from 5 to 15 years own a smartphone, and about 44% of the age group have their tablet to browse upon. The number is increased to 90% for people aged between 16 to 24 years, and for this reason, many universities and schools are using portable devices as a learning tool. The researches are carried upon the usage of tablets being best for children and boys who are struggling academically for the same. One of the significant reasons is to mode away in the traditional styles for learning for a platform that is quite familiar to any student.

Smartphones and tablets are very much in fashion, and people love the ways they have penetrated the daily lives of everyone. Remaining aloof for a single day is not possible for professionals and adults. Now, education is also becoming a crucial part of them. Coming time will see more innovations and will allow people to know more about technical gadgets.

Applications making your classroom a new kind of playground

The application like gamification, one of the most famous applications is known for allowing the schools to create a competitive environment around many policies or the objectives by using computer game-style platforms for monitoring progress and in some cases providing rewards. In particular, it can be a target-driven enterprise, but educators are keeping up with the gamification approach to know about controlling the classrooms. The technology is known to be entirely new to the education sector but with the emergence of new platforms and with them the original set to follow the gamification concept to widespread. This type of gaming platform will encourage students to comply with the school’s behavior policies by allowing them to use their special powers.

Flexibility and Collaboration:

The time had gone when the classrooms were defined by boards, desks, chairs as they have now evolved as the location to have an experience. Wireless and digital technology is known to be powered by the cloud, meaning that learning never has to stop while the bell rings. Microsoft SkyDrive, Google Drive, and Dropbox can prepare to make up the vital documents available to you in seconds, and the homework are the things of the past nowadays. The digital libraries like them will never allow you to lose the data and as a student you can get the access of previous year lessons after months too, it does not require much maintenance.

The education is being emulsified with technical gadgets and other things, and people are accepting the same with open arms. Teaching your child with the world’s best of training with the technological devices and applications acting as a catalyst will make them not only smart but powerful people. Apart from technology, try to impart your children with outdoor activities so that he should remain fit and explore things outside of his study rooms.

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