Survive & Thrive During A Crisis

Instilling hope and confidence to the community


Rationale of the event: Human beings are known to have survived several centuries of disasters like famine, disease, and other unprecedented events.

While it is only natural to focus on safeguarding ourselves and our stakes, it is also important to focus on staying positive, maintaining good health and relationships, clear communication and preparing ourselves to new changing environment as an individual, a member of society, a professional and an entrepreneur.

This conference is aimed at instilling confidence, staying in positive state of mind and gearing oneself to better prospective future.

Time:  Minimum of 25 minutes and Maximum 30 minutes, time alert at lapse of 25 mins to conclude in next 5 minutes.

Attendees: Approximately 200-500 participants.

Profile: Working professionals in Middle East countries, Nationalities: Locals, Arabs, Asians, Europeans, Western Expats Age: 25-60 years.

Language: English (Professional).

Caveat:  Please keep regional sensitivities in mind and avoid religious or political references or anything that could hurt sentiments of attendees.

Platform: Zoom, with co-host rights.

Video & Audio: Turned on.

Attendees: Mic and video rights disabled at all times, chat will be activated only during Q&A or upon request.

Can I ask questions in live session? Yes, Upon request it will be turned on.

How will my profile appear? Your profile will appear as below. High resolution image with designation and Employer.

Can I use my organization logo for branding purpose? Yes, within the PPT along with Lincoln University of Business & Management logo and branding only allowed in the last slide where contact details can be shared for 30 seconds. You can introduce yourself and the company in the introduction section briefly.

What will I get for participating? Mileage as a speaker, branding in the region, and a certificate will be couriered at your address.

Moderator: Business Management Faculty.

Who are the other speakers? Please refer the list below.

Submission of materials: 2nd August. It will be sent to the moderator and final submission 5th Aug. (Media: PPT, Prezi, Video)

Who will facilitate the event with the speakers? Meghavi Banerjee.

Technical Support? Raisa Chatterjee.

Can I include a small activity or show videos during the live session? Yes please share the activity plan or video link in prior to commencement of the event


7th, AUGUST 2020




Director - CXM@MSU at Michigan State University

Re-Wiring & Self-Regulating Your Emotional Well-Being

Resilience Speaker & Coach | Mentor | Strengths-Based Leadership | Mental & Emotional Well-being | Virtual Programs

Save for the rainy day-Money matters

Chief Executive Officer & Head - International Business at Aditya Birla Sun Life Asset Management Company Pte Ltd

Get Connected-Build more & better relationships

Entrepreneur | Business Consultant | Sales Trainer | Customer Service Trainer | Brand Strategist

Be Prepared, not scared

Owner, Harish Bijoor Consults Inc. + Conference Keynote Speaker. I HELP BUILD Brands & Businesses AROUND THEM!

Improve yourself-Upskill & keep learning

Human Resources Business Partner - VP ( Consumer Banking Middle East ) at Citibank

Rugged Individualism

Performance Marketing Director at Mediaworks Online Marketing

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