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How To Upskill Your Workforce During COVID-19

upskill your workforce

Learn how to upskill your workforce in this blog.


With the entire world learning to live through a pandemic, businesses are learning how to revive too. Many economic activities came to a standstill in the early days of the pandemic. During the lockdown days, many workers became redundant. Others in the workforce had to switch to working online entirely.

Some were rehired for jobs that needed physical presence. On the other hand, the rest of the working force began merging work from home to their previous routine. Workplaces needed to optimize working activities to reduce human contact immediately. With this new optimization, businesses can utilize this opportunity to upskill their workforce by using digital platforms.

5 Easy Ways to Level-up Your Workforce Expertise

In April 2020, a Gartner survey revealed that nearly three in four CFOs plan to shift some employees to remote work permanently. This survey proves that experience from the pandemic has shown that telecommuting is here to stay. As the dynamics continue to change, so should the procedures to upskill your workforce.

The internet has made it easier to upskill or reskill workers in an institution. Right from the comfort of their homes, staff can earn a UK Diploma, Bachelor’s Degree, and a Master’s Degree. Since employee turnover is expensive, investing in your employees can be more beneficial. Your workers are essential to the success of your company. Therefore, here are some ways to upskill your workforce during the pandemic.

Micro-Learning With a Fast Track UK Diploma Course

There are several ways to put in place micro-learning. But diploma programs provide education within a specific field, fast enough to get an employee back into the workforce. With a Fast Track UK Diploma course at Lincoln, you can still work and complete learning modules at home.

Micro-learning is a flexible form of learning. Employees can learn specific skills needed at work with a UK Diploma program. This approach is concise and faster to execute than many other paths.

Professional Development With a Bachelor’s Degree

Professional development of staff allows your workforce to earn certifications in line with their career. Unlike micro-learning, it focuses not only on a specific as typical training programs do. With a bachelor’s degree from Lincoln University, your workforce can upgrade professionally. Even though an undergraduates degree might take a more extended period, it can be worth it. In the end, the professional development of staff leads to more efficiency in the workplace.

Retraining Your Workforce

Your workforce can undergo retraining regularly for distinct skill sets. In a dynamic world, these training sessions do not necessarily have to revolve around a Bachelor’s degree or an MBA program. Even though these qualification updates are important, technology updates keep creeping up in every field.

Retraining your workforce to perform more technical actions keeps all staff level-headed and up to date. For newer staff, retraining would help them keep up and meet your company’s current skill gap.

Updating Experts 

You can have staff who have experience in the work field who are considered experts. Yet, valid certification and in-depth analysis can be achieved with an MBA Program. According to Havard Business Review, taking an MBA Program can make workers eligible for a career change. With that, your experts can then earn promotions to high management positions in your institution.

Lincoln University of Business & Management offers the opportunity to earn a Master’s degree during this pandemic. So regardless of the COVID-19 situation, your company can effectively update experts with an MBA program

Peer Support Programs

The variation of people in your workforce is not limited to personalities. Yet, their abilities and acquired skills may vary even with a similar Bachelor’s degree. Peer Support programs are, therefore, a great way to upskill your workforce. 

Companies set weekly peer support meetings where staff members rotate on a subject and who presents. All this can be done online, making it possible to learn from each other without the risk of contracting COVID-19. 

The significant thing about peer support programs is, someone with a UK Diploma can still educate another staff member with a Master’s degree.


A diversion is common when people in the workforce change specializations with a new MBA Program. However, staff members with a UK Diploma or a Bachelor’s Degree can also redirect to alternative career paths. Your company can increase efficiency if you invest in upskill paths for your workforce during the COVID-19. Therefore, visit our page today and choose the program best suited for your workforce.


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