Technology and it’s Impact on Work Productivity

Increase Productivity at Work

Technology and it’s Impact on Work Productivity

How to increase productivity at work? Everyone will agree that business productivity can be traced by successfully executing the overall strategies of the company. Business needs highly productive and engaged employees working on goals that are associated with the strategic objectives of the organization to increase productivity. Technology that increases the productivity of your business develops the platform to analyze accurate business success. Business software in the market provides the organization with the tools to face the challenges of executing a strategy that leads to prosperity in today’s business world. There has been a trend of remote working, which requires accessing the data anytime and from anywhere. Identifying the technological solutions to reach all the market demands and implementing them will ‘increase the productivity of the employees. Here are some ways how using technology at the workplace help increase the productivity of every business.

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  • There are 7 types of Productivity
  • Increased Collaboration
  • Flexibility
  • Analyze Performance
  • Customer Support
  • Get Organized
  • Virtualization
  • Marketing


There are 7 Types of Productivity:

Increased Collaboration

 Collaboration is important for any business. Collaboration suites like G-suite, Microsoft teams offer a platform where employees can plan and execute different workflows. Furthermore, these programs provide the necessary tools where every employee can access the relevant data in one place. For example, Google drive is a place where you can save the complete data in one place and can give access to those who want to access the data. Through this, you can collaborate and increase productivity. Employees working remotely can collaborate and can share documents very easily and you can avoid unnecessary meetings. This can save plenty of time.


 Many companies allow their employees to increase productivity at their work. This will help both the employees and the management of the company. The employees can save a lot of time while working at home because these days it takes hours together to reach the office as there will be heavy traffic in metropolitan cities. Hence the company can save money as they need not spend more on heavy workstations. With the introduction of technology in the workplace, the flexibility of the employees is at an all-time high, giving employees the permission to work from anywhere, while still being able to access important information. Through mobile phones, there is frequent contact between the team members, even if they are miles apart. This continuous process will increase the overall performance of the business.

Analyze Performance

There are many advanced business reporting and analysis tools in the market that help you to get a deep understanding of business performance and market trends. Business analysis reports are the most important documents of a company to increase productivity. If any company wishes to stay ahead of the market and accept the numerous changes, business analysis plays a vital role which can increase the revenue of the company. There is a new range of technological solutions to track and analyze the company’s performance. You can conduct thorough research, individual goals can be tracked., Eventually increase the productivity of the company through these reporting tools available in the market.

Customer Support

 You can increase your organization’s productivity by linking the Customer Relationship Management Systems (CRM Systems) with the employee devices. By giving your employees access to the customer data, it will reduce the wastage of time in searching the data. This, in turn, will increase the customer’s satisfaction. Hence they don’t have to wait for long hours to get their problem solved. When the customer’s data is easily accessible by the employees. This can increase the productivity of the company. And with more technologies available, one can provide 24×7 services and support to the customer. Moreover, the customers can reach the company anytime for their queries and concerns.

Get Organized

Many hours can be wasted searching for the information stored in datasets that can be accessed only through the desktop. Investing in a database management system allows the employees to easily add and access the data. This will help them to organize the data. For instance, ClickTime, cloud-based time tracking software allows the employees to track the hours, mileage, and expenses in one place. These tracking solutions keep the managers and clients informed. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems like Zoho, Salesforce, Insightly allow the employees to save time by keeping track of the statuses of the candidates in one location. Eventually, these solutions help you to get organize and increase profitability and increase productivity at work.


Virtualization is a new technology that assists companies and saves a lot of money by operating with greater efficiency. It is the process of running many machines on a single machine. Besides, the virtual machines share the physical resources of one computer and each machine has its own environment. Through this you can increase the server efficiency and the employees can work more efficiently. This technology can test security updates and assures quality testing and promotion processes.  This will not only help in the production but will help maintain quality in the promotion process.


When it comes to reaching the customers to promote the business, Technology has helped every business. Gone are days where you opted for traditional marketing like printing ads, newspaper ads. Now everything is digital and internet marketing has been increasing these days. Hence, there are several internet marketing strategies like designing and developing a website and promoting the products on the website, advertising on search engines, social media marketing etc. As the number of internets and mobile users have been increasing rapidly, the need for business to use digital technologies for promoting their products is inevitable. Email marketing is a powerful method to target a large group for promoting or advertising the business. Likewise, mobile marketing is an important module in digital technologies as we can reach people through text messaging and advertising on mobile applications.


Following all these strategies and using all these technologies, you will be able to create an engaged workforce and thereby increase the productivity and overall performance of the company. Basically, the key is to manage your time which is conducive to productivity. Effectively structuring your time to increase productivity at work is the key to success.

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