How much will you earn after your MBA in Finance?


How much will you earn after your MBA in Finance?


Considerably, MBA in Finance salary is one of the healthiest salaries in the world. An MBA in Finance analyses and evaluates the company’s reports for economic forecasting and enhancing stock values. Investment Portfolio Management, balancing risk and profits are part of the work to receive a healthy and dependable MBA in Finance salary. 

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  • Sectors Offering the Highest MBA in Finance Salary
  • MBA in Finance Salary
  • Financial Analyst
  • Finance Manager
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Finance Director
  • Conclusion

Sectors offering the Highest MBA in Finance Salary 

  • Corporate Banking
  • Asset Management
  • Private Equity
  • Credit Risk Management
  • Sales and Trading
  • Corporate Finance

MBA in Finance Salary

in general, this is a course which belongs to the well-paid ones. If you have the skill of an MBA in Finance, you are eligible enough to get the salary you wish. Surely, the salary in this field will be increasing quickly through the gaining of experience.

Additionally, here is a chart of various salaries with the respective professions:

  • Financial Analyst

The median salary of a Financial Analyst is 13,550 AED per month. Firstly, this analyst plans, analyses, project cost structures, capital budgets of a company. Besides, their duties also include forecasting revenues and company expenditures. 

  • Finance Manager

The median salary of a Finance Manager is 20,000 AED per month. Firstly, the job role is pretty intriguing, in the sense, that one needs to provide guidance to executives for future financial steps. Besides, reviewing financial reports, supervising accounts, creating financial forecasts are part of their duties.

  • Chief Financial Officer

The median salary of a Chief Financial Officer is 60,500 AED per month. In general, CFO handles the overall administrative, financial and risk management of a company. Moreover, these professionals are always into the development of an organization financially and strategically. 

  • Finance Director

The median salary of a Finance Director is 40,000 AED per month. Risk management, implementation of policies, disbursing of funds is, indeed, part of the duties of this professional. Also, budgeting, training of accounting staff are part and parcel of the job description.


 MBA in Finance has a high growth rate compared to other MBAs generally with exceptions. And, its salary is comparatively more than others. Indeed, it can be challenging but it can also be a potential high-paying career option. Check out the MBA in Finance course offered at Lincoln University of Business and Management to kickstart your finance journey.

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