How much value does an online MBA degree holds

Online MBA Degree

How much value does an online MBA degree holds

MBA or Master of Business Administration is an internationally recognized master’s degree. Individuals with his degree have the training to handle the different aspects of a business organization skillfully. While it is a postgraduate degree, it is unusual to see freshly graduated students applying for MBA programs. Students are encouraged to get some work experience before they apply for MBA programs. 

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Once they start working, a lot of people are unwilling to leave their jobs to start their studies again. People, therefore, started looking for options that would satisfy both their needs. With a steady increase in the number of such people, universities started offering online MBA programs. 

In the past 10 years, there has been a substantial increase in the number of universities offering online MBA courses. And with the pandemic spreading its dark shadow all over the world, this number has only increased. 

In spite of this steady growth, students still have a tinge of doubt. The question, how valuable their online MBA degree will be, is always there on their mind. Let’s explore this question in detail. 

How different is an online MBA from a full-time MBA

To answer this question simply, there is essentially no difference. Earlier, universities used to offer different coursework for online and full-time programs. But this practice has ceased to exist with time. The only difference now is the way classes are deliver. Full-time program students have strict schedules to follow. While online program students have the liberty of flexibility. 

Keeping in mind the fact that most of their online program students are working professionals, universities offer some leniency to them. Students have the convenience of choosing their schedules and attending classes accordingly. Universities also give students access to the recorded sessions of the classes. 

Apart from regular online programs, universities have also started offering distance and fast-track MBA programs. With online distance MBA programs, students can complete their courses in a longer period. Fast track courses on the other hand can be completed in only a year. This is perfect for people not willing to spend much time on their education. 

Is an online MBA degree worth the money spent?

MBA degrees don’t come cheap. But compared to full-time programs, online programs are a lot cheaper. Since students don’t use any of the campus facilities, universities have to keep the cost of online programs lower. 

Apart from the MBA course fee, you will be saving on a lot of other factors as well. Attending the whole program from your own house means no extra hostel fee or rent to pay. Also, add in the factors that there will be no relocation as well as commute expenses. Although you will have to pay for the technology and internet facilities to attend an online program. But, an overall tally ultimately points towards a lot of money saved. 

Will recruiters frown upon your online MBA degree?

Usually, the mode of the program is not mention anywhere. As long as you prove to them that you will be a valuable asset to their company, the job will always be yours. Another thing that concerns the recruiters is the reputation and accreditations of your university. Accreditations assure them of the quality of the training imparted to the students. 

Recruiters have started preferring online MBA degree holders. Online degrees are proof that the students are highly motivated and have excellent time management and technological skills. All these are highly sorted by the recruiters. 

To wrap it up

It can be easily said that online MBA degrees are worth every penny that you will be spending. The only thing that you need to keep in mind is to choose a good university. A university that has to go accreditations and online resources. 

Lincoln University of Business and Management is one such university. It has been offering flexible and cost-effective courses in UAE since 2014.  It imparts high-quality theoretical as well practical knowledge through its team of competent faculty members. Apart from regular virtual classes, students have access to workshops, webinars, and discussion forums. Attending these with students coming from all across the globe will help you to build a strong network. With the extremely flexible coursework, creating a perfect work-study balance will be an easy game for you. Feel free to connect with us.