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How has Dubai Adopted Smart Technology?

Technology is the new form of life. People are learning to imbibe technology in almost every part of their lives. The cities are not untouched by the same. With the same concept of automated traffic lighting systems and digitized governments services are the significant grand schemes for the “smart cities”.

As every corner of the world is trying to be one of the smart cities, Dubai is no less for them. The definition of a smart city is the one that tends to use digital technology for improving the lives of the inhabitants for making health, education and transportation not only efficient but sustainable as well.

Dubai, the smart city:

Dubai is one of those governments making smart city plans in all directions and is executing them with milestones of 2020 to become one of the liveliest cities in the world. The aim of Emirates has always been to keep the resident’s happiness the ultimate goal. For the same, they have also launched Dubai Happiness Index and Dubai Happiness Agenda. For measuring the visitors and residents’ experiences with the Dubai government services.

In 2021, the government of Dubai has planned to go completely paperless. For the execution, they have eliminated more than 1 billion sheets of paper being used on an annually. As per His Highness Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed Al Maktoum: the Dubai government will print their last paper transaction in the year 2021.

 The smart Dubai office is in consideration of the same and has laid a detailed plan for the execution. However, the smart city Dubai 2021, has laid their milestones by starting with being paperless for the future as envisioned by the authorities. Nevertheless, the initiative will help the citizens and official in saving resources, environment and time as well.

The paperless Dubai pertains to 100 percent customer and the paperless transaction to be digitized from the 2021 year onwards. So, asking or Issuing paper documents will be passed, and the government will be focusing on the implementation of technology to enable paperless transactions. The initiative will save about 25.1 million person-hours, and emirates can save about 1.5 billion every year.

Happiness Agenda:

This is the first time any government has concentrated on citizen happiness and considered the same as a goal and is actively working towards stabilizing the necessary elements. Therefore, Dubai is said to transform the place with state-of-the-art technology and innovations at an incredible speed. The primary goal of the government to maintain and keep the citizen’s happiness.

Dubai government has recognized the fundamental requirements of both visitors and residents by enhancing their short as well as long term well being and happiness. They are creating the benchmark for other cities who will be inspired to follow them. They use the happiness agenda with a systematic and scientific approach. Therefore the government is looking forward to sustaining and raise happiness at various levels by knowing the impact of the surroundings incidents and developments on visitors and residents.

Dubai is said to use the city-wide happiness ambassadors and index. For the same they are working across the range of non-government and government entities. The city found themselves responsible for the embedded happiness to penetrate through their organizations. Dubai is said to have exciting plans for the advancement in future. The Smart City Dubai is to become a reality now and sail towards 2021. The city visions towards 2021 for being a smart city is a leak-proof plan. And will march towards the same without any dropping off.

Technical Transformation:

Dubai’s technical journey began in the year of 1999 when the government has announced the first ICT strategy. It was followed by the pre-launch of Dubai Internet City, Dubai Smart Government, Dubai e-government. And by 2014, the authorities made up their mind for Smart Dubai initiative. From the past 20 years, there have been numerous digital transformations in the city for driving public acceptance and also work towards the adoption of ICT in every aspect of life.

Dubai represents itself in UAE as one of the seven Emirates. They have endorsed the ICT at one of the highest levels by the government and public. The city is known to pioneer the exceptional quality of life with the unmatched business ambience.

The primary aim to make a prosperous smart city is by harnessing the digital innovation in all the endeavors. Therefore, to accomplish the milestones, a five-years strategy termed as “Smart Dubai 2021” is launched. The government wants to take the smart city transformation to the highest level. At which the various digital transformation being executed have some constructive impact on the city. Individuals, government and business, regularly interact while exchanging ideas, experiences, products and services. At the same time, each one of them is a consumer and the producer. The primary aim is to ensure happy experiences while these exchanges. As per the vision of the “Smart Dubai 2021”, they are looking forward to establish the city as the most comfortable place to live on earth.

Unique Opportunities:

Lastly, the strategy devised for the “Smart Dubai 2021” is to create a positive impact on visitors, students, environment and financial resources. However, they have been through unique opportunities to harness the technology for Dubai’s transformation and can be able to yield the positive bottom line.

According to “Smart Dubai 2021” strategies, there are six areas identified for the action.

Finally, let’s know about them:

  • Aim to create a resilient, liveable and smart digital city
  • Lean and Connected government
  • Cutting-edge ICT innovations creating a clean environment
  • Disrupting technology powered by the global economy
  • Smooth transport solutions provided by shared mobility and autonomous solution
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