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May 14, 2019
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High Impact Leadership


Martin Luther King, Jr. rightly quoted “A genuine leader is not a searcher of consensus, but a molder of consensus”

And Peter Drucker, Management Guru, said “ Management is doing things right and Leadership is doing right thing”

So have you ever wondered why a CEO is paid well?

They lead the team & take decisions that have long term and deep impact on organizations. They need to have all and more qualities like, calculations, foresight, people management, risk taking, delegation, communication, initiative taking, understanding data, vision in ambiguity

As we grow, we assume and naturally progress in managerial and leadership positions. Changing business environments call for dynamic leading styles. Success and failures are attributed to respective mentoring style.

When we talk about personalities like Abraham Lincoln, MK Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, they had a personality that drew immense crowds and the power to influence, uplift and trigger response in people towards change and betterment.

Similarly in business world we quote examples of Henry Ford, Bill Gates, Jack Ma, Jack Welch and Steve Jobs, they have changed the game of business and revolutionized workplaces. They have influenced many other small and medium entrepreneurs to scale up their businesses by their vision.

The saying goes ‘Leaders are born & not made’. In recent times, study has proved that through discipline, people can also lead. When we hear a TED Talk or any spiritual person we know that they have the ability to influence our day and motivate us in right direction. The seed lies in inner awareness and awakening and whether we want to take chances in life, that is all that makes a difference.

With issues like environment, political restlessness, business uncertainty, hatred and chaos, What the world today needs today are individuals who have clear vision, communication and leading traits in order to bring community together for a bigger purpose.

This Masterclass is delivered by York St John University, UK in association with Lincoln University of Business & Management, UAE.

The trainer is a PhD holder from a renowned University and has led several projects globally. He has been associated with several business schools including also Harvard Business School.

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In this seminar you will be learning :

  • The leadership model
  • creating a vision and motivating willful participation
  • Developing capabilities
  • delivering results
  • Skills and responsibilities of an emerging leader, and
  • Engaging across boundaries

It will help budding leaders like yourselves, to know how to get time, energy and priorities working in your favour.

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