Global Banking and Finance: top 5 trending jobs in the industry 


Global Banking and Finance: top 5 trending jobs in the industry 

Every organization, small or big, public or private, has a job position related to finance. And with changing times, the job positions have only increased. While earlier, finance positions were limited to job titles like a senior accountant, a lot of new titles have now emerged. With the world coming together and business going global, managing finance properly has become crucial. Therefore, this is the best time to start a career in banking and finance. 

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Saying that we have listed the top 5 trending banking and finance jobs and the responsibilities that each of them entails. Take a look. 

Financial analyst 

The job of a financial analyst is to guide people and businesses into making investments. They keep a close eye on economic conditions, business profits, industry changes, government decisions, stock markets, and trade agreements. They analyze these to forecast the condition of the market and eventually help their clients make responsible investment decisions. Apart from excellent financial literacy, financial analysts ideally should also possess good communication and critical thinking skills. A good MBA program like the one offered at Lincoln School of Business and Management will instill these skills in you and make you ready for a thriving career in banking and finance. Insurance companies, banks, and other financial institutions hire financial analysts in junior and senior positions. They also work independently with several clients at the same time. 

Investment Banker

As an investment banker, your basic duty will be keeping a track of all the investments of your client and help them get maximum returns and achieve all their financial goals. Additionally, investment bankers are also well versed in handling stock and bond issues. They also arrange for debt financing. Investment bankers also have the competency of managing acquisitions and merger deals. They bring financial gains for their clients through these. This job entails high risks. One little decision can have enormous effects. This risk associated with this job makes it one of the most high-paid jobs in banking and finance industry. 

Loan Officers

Loan officers authorize all kinds of loans for both individuals and organizations. They will go through your application, do a background check, check your credit scores, interview you and finally help you decide which loan is perfect for you. Some of the other responsibilities of a loan officer include setting up plans for debt payment. You can choose to work for a commercial bank, mortgage company, or credit union as a loan advisor. Apart from expertise in banking, loan advisors also need to have fine communication skills.

Not all of their customers will get the loans they have applied for. In such cases, they will need to handle them sensitively and provide them with a way out. You can learn all these in a good MBA program like the one offered at LUBM. the expert faculty team and comprehensive UK curriculum which includes case studies, projects and presentations, individual and group assignments hone all your skill and make you an expert ready to take on any challenge. 

Compliance Officer 

Compliance officers have the responsibility of keeping a check on all activities of the organization they are working for and making sure that all guidelines are being followed.  The work of a compliance officer includes a lot of data analysis process reviewing to avoid non-compliance fees. Public, private, and also established non-profit organizations have the requirement for a compliance officer. After gathering enough work experience in your career in banking and finance,  you can also start working as a Chief Compliance Officer or CCO. This is a very crucial role in any company as the long-term growth of the company depends on this. 

Financial Advisor

Financial advisors are professionals who help their clients in managing their finance. The first step in this process includes identifying the short- and long-term goals of the clients. Then they lead them to the best suitable products and services. This includes helping them invest in housing and automobiles, buying insurance, invest in the stock market and other places. With choices increasing, people have now become more confused about how to manage their finances. Therefore, to mitigate risks, a lot of people are now getting help from financial advisors. So if you are looking for a successful long time career in banking and finance, this is the go-to option for you. 

Moving forward 

With the world recovering from the aftermaths of the deadly coronavirus, the economy is estimated to rise as the world opens its businesses again. This pandemic has also taught the importance of managing your finances properly. People are now always on the look for investing their money in the right way. 

All of these only mean more banking and finance job opportunities. And you can easily avail these jobs with an MBA in Finance. 

If you are thinking about getting one, do consider the MBA in Global Banking and Finance program offered by Lincoln University of Business and Management in partnership with Geneva Business School, Switzerland. It is an exceptionally curated program for individuals looking to upgrade their professional skills required for jobs in banking and finance. In just 14-16 months, you will be ready to face any challenge that comes your way. Earning an MBA degree from GBS, which is ranked the 7th best business school in Switzerland, will help you take that top managerial position that you have set your eyes on, in no time.

That brings us to the end of this blog discussing the top 5 banking and finance jobs. We hope this piece of writing will motivate you enough to kick start your career in banking and finance. Also, don’t forget to visit Lincoln University of Business and Management’s website and check out their excellent program of MBA in Global Banking and Finance.