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Benefits of Blended Learning
April 23, 2019
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May 9, 2019

GBS is ranked top business schools in the world for 2019

There are numerous colleges or universities in the world which offer an undergraduate degree and a master’s degree in business administration. But the point is, why it is essential to name the best option. The level of competition is getting higher, and students are exploring the new areas of success. And it is a common notion among people that “if you’re pursuing your business studies, it means you are building a great future”.       

The concept of business schools

The concept says that a school of business studies offers great knowledge of business administration. As the era of business is growing, in the same manner, the demand for a good and skillful business administrator is also getting higher.

In this contemporary scenario, it becomes very arduous to find out the best and top rated business school for pursuing MBA programs. Interestingly, a huge race is going on between the colleges and universities for the establishment of hegemony in the education world. But still, parameters are available to make the choice of best institution. 

Features of great business schools 

Experienced and Inspiring faculties

A well experienced and inspiring faculty is the core essentiality of any business school. A great faculty staff means you are giving great exposure to your students. A great business school drastically focuses on knowledge and talent for its education platform.

Offers great option

A supreme business institution offers core and major career options for the student. So, it becomes very important for the student to choose a specific business school that offers business courses according to their aims.


This is one of the major factors of the institution which attracts the student towards their business programs. If you want to judge someone, then repo is the best option for you. The successful history and achievements create the repo of the institution.  

And if you are drastically trying to find all these things in one business school, then the Geneva Business School is the best option for you.

The Geneva business school

The successful history of education started in 1995, with the name of Institut de Formation de Gestionnaire de Patrimoine (IFGP). But almost 15 years later, it changed itself as Geneva business school. The best education of finance or administration is the core concept of GBS over the years. That is why it is hoisting the tag of top-ranked business school in the world.

To improve the education standard and provide the best education platform for the student, this institution expanded its chain all over the globe. Some main branches include Geneva, Madrid, Barcelona, Switzerland, and the UAE with some numerous training institutions too.


The GBS offers some major business programs in various sectors like digital marketing and international relations, specialty in hospitality and sports management and some major like international finance.

The business school offers the undergraduate as well as post-graduate programs in the field of business administration. And this institution shows international accreditation. It means exchange programs of semesters.    

GBS ranked at the top 100 global business schools worldwide according to CEOWORLD magazine. After completing the thorough dissection of the different aspects of business schools, now the point is very clear. If you want to pursue your business degree from the best, then you must go to the Geneva Business School.

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