Disruptive innovation
What is Disruptive Innovation
April 4, 2019
Benefits of Blended Learning
Benefits of Blended Learning
April 23, 2019

Flexible Admissions Criteria

At Lincoln University of Business Management, we understand the core values of the lessons that you have learned outside the four walls of the classroom. That is the reason why we are here with a student-centric and flexible admission process.

We don’t solely rely on the transcripts, but we focus on who you are how education can help you in becoming better. The doors of our university are open to those who are dedicated, self-directed, and with strong interpersonal approaches.

LUBM is committed to helping these individuals in getting the required skills to survive the harsh competition. We have the zeal to set up a staircase for your success through the program you have chosen with us.

In case you lack the required formal academic education, then LUBM is here for you.

We have flexible admission criteria to accommodate our students on the basis of their informal and formal education history. Lincoln University of Business Management has designed various policies to benefit the students enrolled with us.

The objective of our flexible admission criteria is to help the students in learning higher quality education through our top-notch programs.

A student must be able to provide:

  • A detailed and well-described resume
  • Official transcripts of previously taken courses or post-secondary programs
  • Statement of intent
  • Letter of reference

LUBM has also granted specialized exemptions to some cases based on their sensitivity.

Benefits of our flexible admission criteria

 We welcome a range of courses

No matter which course you have enrolled in previously, you are welcome at our campus as there is a course for everyone. We offer a wide range of courses that incorporates masters and graduate programs. You are free to choose the type of course you need.

Every application is reviewed thoroughly

We review all the applications thoroughly in order to know your better. We interview every candidate to help him in picking up the perfect course.

Tailor a program according to your aspirations

Another considerable benefit of our flexible admission criteria is that the students have the ultimate power to tailor the course that is best suited for their aspirations.

Lincoln University of Business Management has tried every possibility to make the admission criteria better and flexible.

To know more about our admission criterion, you can tap the Contact Us button, or you can drop us with a mail at info@lincoln-edu.ae.

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