Executive MBA

Awarded by York St John University, UK


12 months

Language of study



120 + 60 = 180 UK Credits

Mode of learning




Introduction and special features

The executive MBA has been designed to support your career progression, preparing you to carry out senior strategic roles successfully or to build your own business. You will study with a cohort of experienced professionals drawn from a range of industries, building your network and giving you insights into best practice. As a consequence, you will explore issues that have significant impact within organisations by working with others and building on both personal individual experiences and comparing and contrasting with those of cohort members. You will carry out projects and assignments designed to help you apply the theories, tools and techniques you learn.
Much of the learning is developed through the establishment of collaborative learning communities of programme participants and tutors and you will become part of that community of learning. Your understanding is developed around the key skills, processes and practices of business, leadership and management. Solutions to real problems are suggested, discussed and analysed within the learning community with the support of tutors and fellow learners.

Entry Requirements

General Application

  • 120 UK credits from an approved OfQual qualification provider

Required Documents

  • Valid Passport Copy
  • Recent Passport size colour Picture
  • Master's Degree colour photocopy
  • Latest CV (Professionally prepared)
  • Work Experience Letter which should clearly state that English language is used as language for communication

Learning Outcome

  • Demonstrate in-depth, specialist knowledge and mastery of techniques relevant to the study of opportunities and challenges of business management
  • Demonstrate an advanced and critical understanding of concepts, information and techniques informed by knowledge at the forefront of the study of contemporary business issues within the context of society
  • Demonstrate a systematic, integrated and critically aware understanding of business management, leadership, and team working
  • Critically reflect and evaluate management, leadership and team working skills and take a proactive, independent and self-reflective role in working and developing professional relationships with others
  • Formulate a critical awareness of current issues in business management informed by contemporary research and practice


The programme is designed to meet the needs of professional participants with appropriate current or
recent work experience who wish to add a level of theory-based understanding to the knowledge they have
gained through experience. The programme delivery is based on principles of adult learning, recognising
that participants are likely to bring a large amount of experience and knowledge to the group, and can
share this with each other. The style of the programme is participative and resources for learning explicitly
include the knowledge, experience and skills of all participants and staff.

The assessment would be a combination of

Report writing

Class Activities/Assignments/Debates and Discussions

Case Study & Presentations

Traditional Pen & Paper Exam

Accreditations & Affiliations

The goal of accreditation and affiliations is to ensure that institutions of higher education meet acceptable levels of quality which allows the student to determine acceptable institutions. York St John combines the best of UK Education which is not only fully accredited but also globally recognized for their quality programs and student satisfaction.

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