You are invited to the most anticipated event of the year!


Saturday 24th September 2022

It is our great pleasure to invite our students and their guests to an unforgettable experience in Dubai, UAE.

Congratulations to our Bachelor’s & Master’s students on the successful completion of their studies!

And an extended congratulations to their families, friends, and loved ones who supported them on this beautiful journey.

Time to Graduation


We kindly ask students to meet at 15:00, Sofitel The Palm, Dubai

Invitation to Graduation Ceremony

Attending the graduation ceremony is the right of graduates and the responsibility of any educational institution.

It is an integral part of the university education process and the collective educational consciousness of our peers. It is the foundation of the pillar /ladder of success. Graduation is not only throwing your/ their caps in the air, wearing academic gowns, or taking photos but so much more.

It is the celebration of the hard work, dedication, morale, and discipline which leads to such an auspicious event. Our goal is to continue the tradition in the grandest and most surreal way possible for our graduates

Guidelines for the Graduation Ceremony

The LUBM Graduation Ceremony will be held on Saturday, 24th September 2022 at Sofitel Dubai, The Palm.

Below are some important instructions for you. Please visit the graduation web page for further details about the ceremony.

Graduands must arrive at 1.45 PM, there will be a registration desk where the graduand should be present with all the guests for the registration and verification process. All attendees (graduands & guests) should carry their Emirates ID/ other National ID/ passport copy for verification.

The barcodes are shared ahead of the ceremony via email. Graduands should present the barcodes at the registration desk for verification.

Wrist Band
Wristbands will be given to all registered attendees and should be worn till the end of the event.

Seating Arrangements
There are separate seating areas for graduands and the guests. Graduands will be guided to their allocated seat before the ceremony. For those who do not know it can reach out to the registration desk for assistance. Guests are requested to be seated only on the dedicated seat through the ceremony.

Graduation Attire

  • You are required to wear the graduation gown and the cap from the beginning of the event till the awards ceremony is complete.
  • For students in the UAE, the gowns can be collected from our office no later than 21st September 2022. However, the caps will be distributed at the venue on graduation day.
  • For students outside the UAE, the graduation gowns and caps will be distributed at the venue on graduation day.
  • Students can utilise the restrooms to wear the graduation attire.

Dress Code

The dress code for the graduation ceremony is strictly formal. Please ensure that the outfits are elegantly  appropriate for the formal event of graduation ceremony.

Code of conduct

  • All attendees are requested to extend full cooperation with the university staff on duty at the venue and refrain from acting against their advice.
  • This is for everyone’s safety and security. Maintain discipline at all times during the event.
  • Mobiles should be in silent mode throughout the event.
  • All attendees must remain seated during the ceremony and may leave only after tossing of hats is over.
  • Avoid wearing placards, badges, or signs inappropriate for the occasion and contradicting government regulations.
  • Please refrain from bringing noise-making devices, balloons, and other items that detract from the ceremony.

COVID-19 protocols

Face masks are mandatory in indoor spaces, but they are optional in outdoor spaces. Social distancing must continue to be followed. Please keep your vaccination details/ produce PCR negative certificate which is 72 hours valid.

Photo sessions

There will be individual and group photo sessions done during the graduation ceremony at different time slots. Maintain the queue and wait patiently for your turn.

If you have any queries regarding the Graduation Ceremonies, please email at or call Mr. Tanaka on +971 56 538 2803.

Contact Us

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When and where is the Graduation Ceremony happening?

The graduation ceremony is scheduled for Saturday, 24th September 2022 from 2:00 PM (UAE/GST) onwards at Sofitel Dubai, The Palm.

What is the dress code for the graduates and the guests?

The Graduation Ceremony is a formal event. Attendees must ensure that their outfits are appropriate for the ceremony and dress smartly to complement the academic wear worn by graduates, faculty & visiting guests from home campuses.

Will there be a registration required before entering the event?

Yes, there will be a registration required at the entrance. Please produce the barcode image at the entrance and ensure to have the wrist band for the students and the guests. All attendees are expected to be at the venue latest by 1:45 PM (UAE/GST) for ID verification & registration.

What should be done if the graduate or guests have special requirements?

In case of any graduate or guests having special accessibility requirements, please email at to inform us of the specific needs, to make special arrangements at the venue at least 1 day prior to the event.

What time should all the attendees arrive to the venue?

Attendees will be allowed inside the Graduation Hall at 2:00 PM (UAE/GST). All attendees must arrive well in advance of the ceremony to avoid long waiting lines at the registration desk. The ceremony begins promptly at 2:00 pm (UAE/GST) and we suggest family and friends arrive approximately 15 minutes early.

What happens during the ceremony?

Various awards will be presented to students. Distinguished guests and alumni will address the attendees.

Do I need to bring a Covid-19 Vaccination certificate?

Yes, you will require proof of vaccination (eg. Al Hosn Green Pass) and a negative PCR test with 72 hours validity

Will graduates be receiving their certificates at this ceremony?

Graduates will not receive certificates at the ceremony. This is a celebration to share with your loved ones for the completion of your programme rather than the degree itself.

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