From Manager to a Leader


From Manager to a


You manage things; you lead people. Become the leader of tomorrow to steer your people to success.

By :
Dr. Rebel Hanna


About the Webinar

You have reached a point in your career where you feel that a transition is inevitable, a transition that will move you from being a manager to the realms of leadership. If you feel that you are ready then this webinar is for you. Discover how to see the bigger picture and lead your team towards success. This webinar will enhance your ability to shun doubts and dogma and allow you work on core areas that not only qualify you as a leader but also help you manage organizations and people, and drive profitability better.

Whether you are a professional, businessman, student, or an entrepreneur – managing just a few people or a large team, you can utilize the insights of this course to gain and practice the mindset that produces effective leadership and result orientation.

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17th Oct 2020

15:00 Hrs to 16:30 Hrs
Gulf Standard time

Meeting platform Zoom

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