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Dear students and associates,

As the global health crisis escalates daily, the institute continues to face difficult decisions. The situation in which we now find ourselves is uncharted territory—not unimaginable, as warnings about potential pandemics have long been a factor in institutional contingency plans—but still unprecedented in its scope and impact.

Therefore, in order to best protect the health and well-being of students, staff, faculty, and members of the community, LUBM has decided to discontinue the in person (onsite) instructions, lectures for all courses effective March/April 2020 until further notice.

All the sessions, lectures, are conducted via Hybrid, Synchronous and Asynchronous learning models. The unprecedented situation has called for an unparalleled global call for Online/Distance learning education.

Students, faculty or staff who have questions or concerns about the impact of these modifications should consult the Action Plan page for the most current information. During regular business hours, please email

We cannot pretend that these response measures will all proceed smoothly and problem-free; this is a scenario that we may have anticipated in outline, but with which no one has experience in any detail. Balancing the protection of public health with the preservation of academic continuity will not be easy, but it is something that I believe the Lincoln community can accomplish with its signature grace, equanimity, and understanding. 

Yours sincerely,

Management team at LUBM

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