OTHM Level 7 Diploma in Accounting and Finance

Awarded by OTHM Qualifications , UK




60 UK Credits


Via submission of assignments No exams

Progression Routes

OTHM Level 4 Diploma or first of 3 year Honours Degree at UK University

Course Overview:

The objective of the OTHM Level 7 Diploma in Accounting and Finance aims to develop knowledge and understanding of contemporary accountancy and finance. Thereupon, the development is done through specialized approaches to solving these problems. Hence, the course is ideal for learners preparing for a successful career in the financial services industry. It can be regarding professional accountancy, management, finance and banking, and leaders.

Furthermore, this UK diploma offers essential insight into the best practices to excel in the private and public sector. Eventually, the graduates can gain employment across several industries and in different countries abroad, especially the UK. 

The Level 7 Diploma in Accounting and Finance qualification, notably, offers an avenue for a master’s degree in relevant programs. The degrees can be from universities in the UK and abroad. Learners can take the programme in a flexible study arrangement to accommodate part-time and online learning.

Qualification Structure

  • The OTHM Level 7 Diploma in Accounting and Finance Qualification is made of 6 obligatory units.
  • Together, these sum up to 120 UK credits.
  • Each unit comprises 20 credits.
  • The programme has 1200 hours Total Qualification Time (TQT), and 600 Guided Learning Hours (GLH) to graduate the qualification.
  1. Strategic Financial Management (20 credits)
  2. Strategic Audit (20 credits)
  3. Global Finance and Strategy (20 credits)
  4. Investment Analysis (20 credits)
  5. Corporate Reporting(20 credits)
  6. Business Research Methods (20 credits)

Learning Outcomes

  • Mainly, you can understand the global financial market and the different security trading regulations
  • Similarly, you can gain knowledge of the different principles of taxation and applications at different levels of business
  • Ultimately, appreciate the importance of ethical behaviour and corporate governance in a global economy
  • You will receive an in-depth understanding of the concepts of business governance and the appropriate assessment of risk
  • Eventually, you can develop the ability to put together complex strategies and effectively implement them to achieve organisational objectives
  • Hence, you will assess the financial results of strategic decisions in the broad spectrum of operational management

Entry Requirements

To join the OTHM Level 7 Diploma in Accounting and Finance qualification, learners must meet the following criteria:

  • The learner must hold a Level 6 Qualification or Bachelor’s degree
  • Learners with sufficient years of experience working in the business sector, specifically in an accounting and finance role.

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    120 UK Credits


    No exams, Via submission of assignments

    Progression Routes

    Dissertation to complete Master’s Degree at UK University

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