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May 26, 2020
Skill to expand after Crisis
Career Innovation: Skill to expand after Crisis
June 9, 2020

Coronavirus pandemic prompted shift in MBA

Virtual Learning

The pandemic crisis

The sudden outbreak of the coronavirus enslave the globe and made people stay at home. The volume of the virus is so deadly that the MBA institutions have been suffering a temporary shut down phase. Other than essential goods supply and services, rest all experiencing a tough phase during this pandemic. Therefore, the premium MBA University have decided to conduct an online teaching-learning process to beat the pandemic upshot.

The graduate admission management council has decided to conduct the GMAT exam through online. The entire procedure will follow under the guidance of the management regulatory body to operate hassle-free admission. Students can attend the class from their homestay to avoid contact.

Student’s check-list

The official declaration has made to fight against the pandemic crisis. During the procedure, various kinds of assistants would be provided to the students. Let’s check the facts while you’re going to filling up the admission form

  • Check the course duration covering through online
  • Fees structure including late fees deposition and fees return policy is mentioned
  • Class conducting method online and offline facilities
  • Virtual library facility
  • Online training availability
  • Webinar conducting
  • Semester conducting procedure
  • Placement guarantee

The online teaching-learning process engaging students while their homestay. The management education requires market survey skills to gain practical knowledge of business strategy escalate expertise level dealing with the core sector. Leaders of the business world conducting the online classes to sharing the insights and on hands experience with the students.

The corona pandemic cast its shadow to the prestigious management institutions, resulting in shut down of college campus for time being. The procedure of revenue collection got standstill as the world experiencing the economy slow down. The business leaders prepare a blueprint to deal with the crisis and lead the world to be followed.

The shift in MBA institutions is obvious as there’s no other way to keep continuing the study of a large number of students. The future of the final year students is at stake as the placement process will get affected. Unemployment, lay-off, salary deduction are the harsh reality which causing down the economic strength.

The shifting in MBA procedure

The shifting concept of MBA  is the ongoing need for the phase of managing the system run. Moreover, the enrolled students should not stop their study irrespective of the corona threat. The gauge of the loss for both the students and the colleges are equal in volume. Henceforth, the shift of the institution vindicates the crisis period. Thus they’re providing the opportunity to the students to get enroll and continue the learning process.

Here is the blueprint of the management studies that could enable the ongoing learning activities into a systematic frame.

  1. Flexible online class-timing: The class-timing must follow the flexible enough so that students wouldn’t feel kind of pressure or boredom. The course syllabus vast in diversifying nature, students won’t feel monotonous and boring study while they’re staying at home. Thus the engagement with the syllabus of the students must follow variations of writing assignments, follow up case studies, and express their views. In short, with classifications of course-material, students would feel exciting while attending the class.
  2. Virtual scope of studies: As students can’t visit the library, they must have access to a large number of study sources. The sources consisting out of the box decision that saves companies, difficult case studies to invoke thinking power, former business leaders’ speech and views on different circumstances, etc. The design of the course content must include concrete objectives serving the true purpose.
  3. Exciting webinar: Management studies course detail consisting of problem-solving case studies and view centric. If faculties conducting the webinar, discussing the difficult phase of the companies and business strategy students will feel exciting to engage. Group discussion through the webinar is the onset trend in management studies. Students will get benefit out of those discussions and the conclusion points.
  4. Thought-provoking assignment: The variations of the case studies have enough statistics and data to provoke students’ thought processes. The vital information, facts and figures and real business world problem are the keypoint students can research on that. Based on their research detail they’ll get their assessment report at the end of the academic session. Learners will learn proficiency, in-depth knowledge, and develop the analyzing skill that will help them to become professional leaders of the coming days.
  5. Weekly scrutiny: After the class, webinar, assignment, the weekly scrutiny would be the exact evaluation of their involvement with the study process. The pattern of the scrutiny intensifies how much knowledge they’re gaining from the virtual classes. The assessment, based on their knowledge and the power of analyzing puzzling cases rationally added value to their career growth.
  6. Online journal publication: While they’re at home, they get sufficient time to write their perspective on various issues of the business world. The writing habits drive the creativity to express their opinion in front of a large audience. Even college authority could announce the reward for best write-ups. In this way, the most boring homestay could turn into an exciting learning process.


Management institutions manufacture the ace business leaders and professionals contributed to the business in the larger frame. Extraordinary brains are daring to get into the management institutions. The career is prestigious, yet classic in its appeal and inspiring in its nature. The entire course design preferring to locate the hidden talent of the learner. The trend of learning should not get stopped for the current pandemic case. Instead, an MBA could show the world how to get back to the track despite the unfavorable circumstances.

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