MBA Degree
Will your MBA Degree get you promoted in UAE?
August 21, 2019
How to Choose your Specialization
How to Choose your Specialization?
September 3, 2019

Considering an MBA and Masters in Dubai?

Masters in Dubai

With the growing technology from every ends, we all are taking leaps to be on the shore of learning and taking advantage of the new platforms. The Masters is also one of the platforms where individuals tend to learn and gain proficiency in the particular field. Masters is an umbrella course comprising of many areas and looking forward to creating professionals to serve corporates today.

The master’s degree in one of the next steps for higher education after the completion of a bachelor degree. The 2-year program, for master’s degree, is known for immersing students into the professional arena of their electives and allowing them to hone the advanced knowledge in the sector and also preparing them for leadership roles. The master’s degrees for students are comprised of Master of Business Management (MBA), Master of Accounting (MAcc), Master of Education (M. Ed.), Master of Information Technology (MIT) and  Master of Healthcare Management (MHCM).

The MBA stands as an acronym for Master of Business Administration. So the difference between a Master’s and MBA degree is that the MBA is known to be just a specific designation of the degree the student is looking forward. Earning an MBA degree can allow employers to explore the commitment levels for developing the skills and knowledge base for the management and business-related career.

Why study for an MBA in Dubai?

Dubai is not known to be one to the modern technological and economic hubs of the world. Known to be one of the largest cities in the United Arab Emirates, and is one of the known for the capital of Emirates of Dubai, the cosmopolitan and most vibrant part of the federation. The UAE centers the business centers for the Middle East is the result of rapid and intelligent innovative and reforms development plans.

The strategies are very much sought out for including the course in the education system and ensuring a diversified and prosperous future for an oil-rich nation.

Are you looking forward to studying in Dubai?

Studying in one of the seven emirates in an experience in itself. MBA in Dubai is known for expert faculty and world-class ambiance make them one of the perfect study destinations for international students.

Let’s know some of the reasons for studying in Dubai:

Best investment for higher international education:

Dubai authorities in the education sector are looking forward to investing heavily because of their growing population in the teenage and adult category. To make their mark, they are attracting many international Business institutions and experienced education professionals interested in building a higher education system for matching Dubai business successes.

English is a common contact:

Undoubtedly, English is the de facto language for education and business. The expats form a significant part of the Dubai population rather than locals. The reason behind it the emirate’s economy is growing at a faster pace and with the same demand of qualified employees.

The world exists inside the city:

Dubai is said to renovate their education system and is creating better spaces and study curriculum to match world-class standards and to attract students from every corner of the globe. The city is witnessing internal communities participating in their fest and training program, for instance, the student-exchange program, live training, etc. to promote the education system of the city further. The authorities are adding specialization regularly for the existing study programs to keep up and moving ahead as per the needs of the future.

Influential Infrastructure:

The Burj al-Arab also is known as the world’s most luxurious hotel and Burj Khalifa, which is the world’s tallest building, two well-known masterpieces are depicting innovative construction techniques of Dubai. Reinventing business, Dubai is evolving as an international business hub for investments in every sector. The shopping malls synchronized with the veritable indoor miniature shops, cities, artificial skiing slopes, tennis courts, and swimming pools. Attracting lakhs of international tourists every year, Dubai is looking forward to creating its mark in the educational world.

Tourist hub:

Dubai is included in one of the most visited cities in the world. The city is known for its liveliness, modern landscapes and being situated at the Arabian Desert edges. Equipped with cutting-edge environments and pristine natural landscape attracts tourists from all over the world.

Finest Universities

Dubai is a hub for the best academic universities like Lincoln University of Business and Management, which are said to be imparting best education to the students. Offering an array of specializations university grooms students from various fields and allow them to dedicate their time in learning best business practices to be applied once they are in the business world.

Work in Dubai while studying:

According to the current labor laws being executed in Dubai, the city is divided into two primary zones, Non Free zone, and Free zone. The international students are not allowed to work part-time. The laws one permits for 20 hours of work in the free area. The placements are limited and require the prior permission of the university.

Jobs in Dubai

In the past two decades, Dubai has emerged as one of the leading cosmopolitan, and the reason is its growing trade, commerce, and infrastructure. The developments are known to accelerate the possibilities for full-time employment. Another feature that encourages expats to look for Jobs in Dubai is tax-free earnings. If any international students is studying MBA in Dubai and are looking forward for a job after studies should change their status from “university-sponsored visa” to “employer-sponsored visa” for working full-time in Dubai. Do know that “employer-sponsored visa” is never assigned for working part-time in Dubai.

The remuneration in Dubai depends upon the venture you are serving and the field of work. The salary range for a fresher can start with  AED 3,500  every month and can go upto AED 6,000 to AED 5,000. Experience candidates can earn a lucrative salary of AED 15000 or above. It majorly depends upon the level of expertise and experience of any individual.

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