9 most talked about Events of 2021

9 Most Talked Events of 2021

From dramatic US elections to Covid-19 vaccine development and climate change discussions. The year 2021 was immersed in a pool of good as well as bad news. So as we stand at the last few days to say goodbye to this frenzied year. Here is a list of 9 most talked about events of 2021 […]

Why is Facebook now called ‘Meta’? 

Facebook is now Meta

‘Facebook has changed its name to Meta.’  The entire world woke up to this headline on 29th October. Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg introduced Meta to the world. Zuckerberg announced ‘Metaverse’ as the future of his company in a keynote presentation. All the apps and technologies like Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp will now be under this […]