What is the Purpose of a Quality Management System?

Purpose of a Quality Management System

A Quality Management System or most commonly termed as QMS is a set of processes, policies, and procedures that are required to plan and execute the core business of every organization. Understand What is the Purpose of a Quality Management System? As per Business Week Magazine, “QMS is a collection of organizational structure, processes, resources, […]

Vat Law UAE Lincoln University of Business and Management


As an organization the VAT law UAE is fast adapting to the changes due to VAT law UAE implementation since January 2018. We would like to provide an opportunity to our learners who wish to save on the 5% additional ‘VAT law UAE’ charge to be levied on all payments from the start of the year 2018. Why Will VAT Law Be […]

About Dubai Healthcare

Dubai Healthcare

Dubai Healthcare has evolved into a dynamic and complex field. With an ability, it churns various employment opportunities as the industry continues to grow. This diverse industry is always changing due to scientific discoveries. It brings significant contributions to improve the health standards of our communities. The changes have moved on to determine new ways about how and […]

Project Management Salary

Project Management Salary

What is Project Management Salary? Salary is the fixed regular payment paid on a monthly basis by an employer to an employee. Project Management Salary is the sum that the project management professionals earn.   Table of Content: Introduction Survey Study with countries around the world GCC countries Australia Switzerland Conclusion   In a previous […]