Student Support Officer

Job Description:

Position: Student Support Officer

Language: English


  1. To provide an effective and customer-focused front-line support service to students & partner institutions.
  2. To deliver efficient and professional information, advice and support to meet the needs of students on a range of personal, pastoral and academic issues.
  3. To provide a seamless referral service to specialist services.

Job dimensions

Key member of the Academic Support Team. Will have contact with key stakeholders internally across the organization and, on occasion, external stakeholders.

Reports to: Head of Academic Affairs and Administration


Key Liaisons

  1. Student Services
  2. Counselling Services
  3. Education Guidance
  4. Safeguarding Team
  5. Education Managers
  6. Partnership Maintenance
  7. Academic staff & Support

Main duties / responsibilities of team members

  1. Provide a frontline support service, in identifying and resolving student issues, and where specialist service interventions have been identified, to ensure that the necessary referrals are made efficiently and professionally to the Counselling Team, Student Services, other LUBM departments and/or external organisations, where applicable.
  2. To use triage skills to identify important or urgent issues and ensure that they are escalated appropriately to the relevant support services.
  3. Provide information, advice and support to students on a range of personal, pastoral and academic issues through structured sessions and informal drop ins.
  4. Efficiently assess the student’s need, to enable appropriate onward referrals and make recommendations for ongoing support.
  5. Maintain appropriate records and management information statistics in relation to the frontline service, and facilitate information sharing to ensure effective service delivery in a shared environment. 6. Prepare and disseminate a range of information and guidance materials, 2 workshops and events for students and staff, for delivery via a variety of media, including: face-to-face, telephone, paper, Hybrid, and online.
  6. Develop appropriate and effective ways of communicating with students and staff.
  7. Maintain a working knowledge and understanding of policies, issues and legislation relating to personal, pastoral and academic issues.
  8. Develop a close operational partnership with the Student Services Team in order to actively participate in key events and activities, such as induction/orientation programmes and wellbeing events. 10. Collect and review feedback from students and staff by appropriate means, as part of the institutional continuous quality improvement plan.
  9. Liaise with INTO Staff, agents, University Partners and other stakeholders on a wide range of academic support matters;
  10. Contribute to the development of a collaborative working environment to maintain and enhance the quality of the student learning experience and the working conditions of Centre staff;
  11. Your job title does not define or limit your duties and you may be required to carry out other work within your abilities from time to time at our request;
  12. We reserve the right to introduce changes in line with technological developments which may impact upon your job duties or methods of working.

This job purpose reflects the core activities of the post. As the Department and the post-holder develop, there will inevitably be some changes to the duties for which the post is responsible, and possibly to the emphasis of the post itself. LUBM expects that the post-holder will recognise this and will adopt a flexible approach to work. This could include undertaking relevant training where necessary.

Person Specification


  1. Educated to degree level.
  2. Post graduate qualifications (desirable)
  3. Computer Training Certificate


  1. Working with young adults, students and executive learners.
  2. Delivering support to a wide range of learner needs.
  3. Knowledge of Further and Higher Education legalization.
  4. Trained in solving complex issues and problems.
  5. Experience of delivering high quality customer services, with the demonstration of a strong understanding of how to respond to differing stakeholders’ needs.
  6. Experience of developing good working relationships (e.g., partnerships) with colleagues from different parts of a company, showing understanding of the interdependencies that affect the work of other staff/teams in an organisation.

Skills & Abilities

  1. Evidence of ability to use diagnostic skills in triaging to be able to quickly and efficiently identify the needs of the enquirer.
  2. Ability to prioritize workloads in the face of conflicting demands, using own judgment to ensure the work is completed to time and deadline.
  3. Evidence of ability to provide a high level of all of the following: professional judgment, confidentiality, diplomacy, cultural awareness and sensitivity, when liaising with staff, students and other key stakeholders.
  4. The postholder must have an appreciation and general understanding of the Data Protection Act, Safeguarding legislation, the Equality Act and Codes of Ethics for confidentiality.

Personal Qualities

  1. The Ability to work within a team.
  2. Candidates should be self-starters, have energy and enthusiasm for education and an educational environment and be able to work with a wide range of people, often under pressure.
  3. Should be out of the box thinker and provide solutions to the problems.
  4. Effective communication skills and efficient time manager.

Annual Leave, others.

  1. One month fully paid leave after completion of a year in this role post probation period.
  2. Air Ticket will be provided to the home country to the most economical airlines once in every two years post probation period.
  3. Due to the nature of this role, there will be certain times in the year that annual leave will not be granted due to business need. Dates will be communication by management to the Admissions Team.
  4. Employment/long term visa will be provided by the institution upon completion of the probation period.

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