Property Consultants

Job Description:

Are you eager to be challenged and supported to evolve and advance in a fast-growing industry?     Passionate about shaping solutions for unique client needs aligned to business goals? And, ready to grow into your potential?

If so, it’s time to define your career with QDL.

We at QDL believe in a culture that ignites your passion, underpinned by a growth-mindset approach and values of transparency, integrity, and creativity. We intend to stimulate professional development with a laissez-faire management attitude, combined with our team of highly experienced professionals sharing the industry’s best practices to maximise individual personnel potential.

A typical role as a "Property Associate" will include the following responsibilities:

At QDL, we aspire to match these responsibilities with individuals that have:

Our property consultants enjoy:

Joining our team also gives you access to benefits such as: Corporate Resources and Support

Training, Mentorship and Growth

Dynamic Work Culture

Work/Life Balance

As we hire to build our team, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to discuss various profiles if you believe you can handle more enhanced responsibilities and leadership.

To discuss any job opportunities, communicate your interest (with your updated CV and contact details) on

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