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The Academic Manager is responsible for overseeing the Academic Department’s day-to-day operations and general operations of the campus. Responsibilities include assessing students, providing educational leadership, developing existing and new programs, managing quality assurance and professional development, staffing, team building, and human resources management within the academic department.
Monitoring of compliance requirements and working to ensure that students receive the best outcomes, service, and advice possible. The position is a ‘hands-on’ management position and requires an individual with a real sense of ownership towards its work. This person must have the leadership skills and capabilities to build and manage a teaching staff, keep the institution running smoothly, oversee the student body, ensure a high level of study, and support satisfaction amongst all our staff and students.

Management and Compliance 

  • The day to day academic management and administration of the academic department 
  • Responsibility for day to day operations within the institution 
  • Teaching Management subjects at undergraduate and Post Graduate level 
  • Maintaining all Quality and Academic reports from time to time
  • Prepare schedule, deploy and implement various hands-on activities/engagement with learners from all sections. 
  • Manage institution’s maintenance, academic system, handbooks (student and faculty), grievance policy, and all other policies together with the Marketing Manager 
  • Deal with any emergency issues or any other issues requiring an immediate management decision, together with the Marketing Manager. 
  • Liaise with the Marketing Manager and Directors to update the institution policies (soft as well as hard copy and over the website) when needed 
  • Keep the institution’s policies and standards of quality and services in line with the partner institutions requirements 
  • Providing support and advice to and working with the Administration, Marketing, Student Services, and Accounts Departments across the whole institution 
  • Maintenance of compliance with the QAA (UK), IACBE, National Code, and another regulatory framework.
  • Liaison with and provision of documentation for organizations such as Institutional Guide and Report, Quality Report, Student Performance Report, Alumni Report, Assessment Report, Re-sit Report, Payment Report, Documentation Report, and all other report required by the institution and partners institutions. 
  • Prepare Agenda, call meeting and attendance at departmental and interdepartmental meetings
  • Regular reports to the President and Directors 
  • Attendance and support at evening business and social events as requested. 
  • Attention to class and institution target student numbers and averages, and providing weekly reports on these 
  • Designing and implementation Virtual course delivery standards and work towards its testing and improvisation. 
  • Liaising with the Partner Institution’s Academic Manager to maintain cross-campus regularity in all aspects of systems and organization. 

Lincoln University of Business and Management as LUBM and the Partner Institutions in UAE and Abroad.

Student Services :

  • Meeting and assessing of enrolled or potential students and the provision of academic advice to them 
  • Creating, Marking and recording of assessments / tests
  • Assessing and conducting personal interview of students to verify their skills mentioned
  • Delivery of the Orientation Program to all new students 
  • Providing students with academic support and advice 
  • Oversight of the student development and progress report writing process 
  • Implementation of the student feedback process and follow up 
  • Verification and allocation of faculty members
  • Conducting faculty interviews and meetings at regular interval
  • Preparation and implementation of schedules for various classes. 
  • Timely provision of assessment grades and arranging re-sit for failed students.
  • Timely communication with all students
  • Conducting sessions on Referencing system and academic writing from time to time.
  • Guiding students on their dissertation progress
  • Conduct Quality calls from time to time and report to the Director / President. 

Human Resources :

  • Interviewing and hiring of adjunct teaching and emergency teaching staff 
  • Interviewing and hiring of other staff (along with Directors or other Managers) as needed 
  • Maintenance of the teaching timetable 
  • Provide ongoing direction, mentoring and support to the academic staff 
  • Maintaining the collegiality and high standards that have become a hallmark of Impact. 
  • Overseeing, monitoring and taking part in the Professional Development program 
  • Teaching Observations and follow up as required 
  • Checking of pay claims and recording of teaching hours 
  • Maintenance of teachers’ contracts, Step Levels and updates to these 
  • Coordination of all Imp and impactful activities – additional classes, revision session, online sessions, Alumni Club and others

Curriculum and Resources :

  • Developing of new, and updating of existing curriculum 
  • Developing of new, and updating of existing academic department procedures and systems 
  • Co-ordination of the purchase of, and development of resources and materials for both teaching staff and students 
  • Development of new pathways and liaison with existing pathway providers 
  • Coordinating the movements of students between levels, classes and courses and maintenance of the database accordingly. 

Assessments :

  • Responsibility for coordinating all aspects of the Online Exams / assignments and procedures
  • Preparation of assessments and grading rubric as per institutional guidelines
  • Seek approval of assessments and their grading rubric from partner institutions
  • Upload assignment on Google Classroom / Moodle and other platforms
  • Timely correction of papers with remarks and upload the grades in excel sheet
  • Seek advise from the management with regards to the failed students.  
  • Verification of dissertation, Business Plan and thesis and providing guidance accordingly. 
  • Other duties as required 


The successful applicant will be a self-motivated individual who is capable of demonstrating the following: 

Skills Essential :

  • Demonstrated leadership and management skills at an operational level including effective management of people, resources and finances 
  • Teaching Management subjects at undergraduate and Post Graduate level 
  • Prepare and verify assessments as per partner institutions requirements.
  • Communicate with Partner institutions from time to time. 
  • Providing and maintaining quality and academic report to be submitted to the management as well as partner institutions.
  • Ability to work both independently and as a team player 
  • Excellence in teaching a range of Business and Management courses and the ability to do so for any course or level without notice 
  • A high level of verbal and written communication skills (English) 
  • Problem solving and mediation skills 
  • Administrative, organizational and time management skills 
  • Computer skills (Microsoft Office, other IT software packages and use of database) 



  • Skills in a second language (Arabic)
  • Good knowledge / hands on experience on using Moodle, Google Classroom, Turnitin, other academic software



  • Extensive experience in a senior academic management role
  • Knowledge of materials and resources for a range of Business and Management programs 
  • An understanding of the international education business especially in terms of Business and Management education, continuous learning and online education. 
  • An understanding of Quality process development and QAA (England), IACBE (USA), other regulations and compliance issues 
  • An understanding of the differing needs of working adult students 
  • Knowledge of the general needs of international students in terms of continuous learning 



  • Doctorate (PhD)


  • Salary: As per industry standards. 
  • An offer of employment may be subject to a verification of documents, health check.
  • Initial 3 months visitor visa and upon completion of 3 months, employment visa status with all company employee benefits.

Please mail your updated CV including your Visa status, Driving license and why you think you are the one for us at:

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