December 29, 2020
Benefits of MSc in Project Management
Benefits of MSc in Project Management
January 30, 2021

Bridging the Gap: Your College Degree Options

We live in an era where education is the key to success. Embark on your victorious journey taking up the finest opportunities available. Lincoln University of Business Management in partnership with York St John University and Geneva Business School, Switzerland takes pride in offering ethical and bona fide bachelor’s degree.

Unlock the full potential for growth and success with LUBM and its partners in education. Following completion of our insightful Bachelors courses, you will chance upon lucrative job opportunities. All in all the world will be at your doorstep.

BA (HONS) Business management

The international business market is becoming more and more fierce and challenging. Without a doubt the businesses need to be unique, engaging and develop supportable business executives. The BA (HONS) Business Management degree focuses to provide you with the necessary critical understanding of the working of organizations. Besides the programme offers a deep and comprehensive knowledge on the key aspects of business management.

This top up degree is awarded by York St John University. It is a one year programme resulting in an Honours level qualification. Students with advanced prior education in the business sector can engage in this course and hone their business management skills. 

Learning outcomes:

The programme aims at academic excellence, critical thinking, effective communication and active citizenship. In conclusion students soar with learning and personal development.

The programme is designed into two stages

Stage 1

Students with 240 UK credits from ofqual approved institution are only eligible for our final year top up.

Worried? LUBM has it all covered for you.

First you can get yourself the OTHM UK Diploma in Level 4 and Level 5 in Business Management. Following which you can complete the top up bachelors programme.

Stage 2

Here, from YSJ University, you learn to implement complex strategies in the current affairs of the business world. Also the course is divided into 6 mandatory units of 20 credits each with a total of 120 UK credits.

A blended mode of learning with the provision of online classes is our USP. Furthermore in a duration of 18-24 months you will be ready to take over the world with dual certification (OTHM UK Diploma and BA (HONS) awarded by YSJ). The total programme UK credits is 360 offered with 18 study modules. In addition, students complete a dissertation and enhance their employability.


Assessments help evaluate leaners reflection into the real world complexities and some of the methods include:

BBA International Management

Bachelors of Business Administration awarded by Geneva Business School, Switzerland will help you capitalize on opportunities. It is an accelerated course that spans over a time period of 14-16 months. In addition, students prepare to successfully deal with the ever changing international business via a high flexible learning approach. With the provision of blended mode of study, you can study online in your personal space and comfort. 

During the academic journey, students get training under intense and interactive learning sessions with an aim to produce reflective practitioners. The course curriculum commits to 16 in-depth study modules along with a practical dissertation.

Such as the stage 1 in BA (HONS) Business Management, higher national diploma or UK diploma worth 240 UK credits is a pre-requisite. Indeed you can access the online diploma courses offered by OTHM under the flagship of LUBM. Level 4 and Level 5 OTHM UK Diploma in business management will not only furnish your business skills and techniques but also pass the entry requirement.

2 years of work experience is considered to be an asset. Also the minimum accepted age is 22 years and all candidates must meet the English requirements as stated by the institution.

Programme aims to offer:


As important an assessment practice is, the methodology of the same is equally significant. GBS utilizes methods such as:

Be dual certified, smart and efficient. Be a LUBM alumni.
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