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If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more then you are a leader!

Professor Steyn Heckroodt

Dean of Academic Affairs

Having worked in more than 30 countries in the fields of Strategy and Leadership; Prof Steyn Heckroodt brings a wealth of experience and expertise when interacting with organizational leaders globally. Working with world-class institutions such as Harvard Business School Publishing, Geneva Business School, Swiss Business School and York St. John University (UK) and Leoron Professional Development Institute, he has contributed to the development and execution of programs/degrees in the fields of Leadership, Strategy, Systems Thinking and Supply Chain Management.

His approach and methodology are best known for the focus he places on developing individual greatness, leading people to exceed as team players and to become organizational innovators. His passion is driven by his ability to inspire leaders to think differently about the challenges of the 21st Century and learn through self-reflection and engagement with others. Through the development of the Connected Leadership Framework®™, he challenges leaders to act in an empowered manner with increased confidence in decision making as well as a higher level of responsibility and accountability.

Dealing with the impact of evolving Industrial Revolutions and the Internet of Things, he guides organizations in taking strategic decisions that consider the fusion of people and technology in the world of work. Along with that, he assists organizations in dealing with the change impact of the Industrial Revolutions and enables leaders to take a more long-term view of their future plans with a focused sensitivity on environmental sustainability and next-generation employment challenges.

Finally, he is best known amongst his peers as someone who firmly believes in continuous lifelong learning and with this in mind, he publishes widely in the range of topics that he teaches on and is also a practising consultant.

Harvard Business School Publishing Moderator, Vice-President of a UAE University, Creator of the Connected Leadership Framework®™

Krunal Trivedi

Director of Admissions and Operations

Krunal currently looks after the operational aspects of Lincoln University of Business and
Management. His interests lie in area the of overall operations and marketing. His current role involves developing strategy, identifying potential programs, researching on learning needs of aspirants in the market.
He has taken up work after completing school and has grown from a field market researcher to a
full-time senior professional in academic operations.
Krunal has completed a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Geneva Business School,
Switzerland & Masters in Commerce specializing in Business Management from Mumbai University, India. He is currently pursuing PhD from Banasthali University, India and his research area is learner satisfaction in higher education institutes.

He has been actively involved in sports and various events at school and college. Krunal has over 18 years of experience in education from managing a premier school to a private coaching center to handling the marketing and admissions function of an international branch campus in the Middle East. He is a seasoned professional with experience in handling various aspects of administration and enrollment-related functions, preparing various reports & statutory compliance with planning and organizational skills and has held business development drives through various countries in the Middle East.
His passion for business development and human relations clearly defines the ethos of the organization thus promoting transparency and a lively environment through the group. Krunal has a very supportive family and counts on making difference to as many people as he can.
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