How Long Does it Take To Get An Online MBA?


How Long Does it Take To Get An Online MBA?

Thinking about getting an online MBA? Read this informative blog to find out more about it.

Table of Content:

  • Introduction
  • How different is an online MBA course from a full-time course?
  • What is an accelerated online MBA degree?
  • Executive online MBA programs for working professionals
  • Part-time MBA courses: another good alternative
  • Summing Up


Gaining an MBA degree is a great way to kick-start your career. It prepares an individual to take leadership roles and effectively lead their company to new pinnacles. However, it requires a substantial amount of labor, time, and resources.

A full-time MBA course can take up to three years to complete. For working professionals, it becomes difficult to take out the required time.

With time, more working professionals started looking forward to getting an MBA degree without compromising their work. Hence, universities across the globe started introducing online MBA courses to suit the needs of working professionals.

Keeping in mind the requirements and restrictions of a working individual, online programs are crafted accordingly.  Universities across the globe offer distant programs. The time required to gain the degree depends on the type of course, one chooses. Let’s look into the types of courses and the time required to complete each.

How different is an online MBA course from a full-time course?

Since its starting MBA courses have been of two-year duration. Some courses include an internship period to give the student some first-hand experience about the industry. Usually, MBA courses are divided into four-semester. Students are required to take three courses per semester.

However, some universities offer the leverage of taking more courses per semester. Thus giving the students a chance to earn the required credit and complete their course in a shorter period.

Online MBA courses come in varied forms. The time taken to complete an online MBA program depends upon the kind of program one has chosen.

Full-time online MBA programs take the same amount of time as offline programs. Almost everything is the same between the two except the medium in which classes are conducted. For students, starting their careers, these online programs are the best option.

The online medium comes with the privilege of not falling prey to geographical constraints. Thus, one can choose any university of their liking and not think about the factors of relocation.

There are some courses that take less amount of time to complete. Accelerated MBA programs are one of them.

What is an accelerated online MBA degree?

As the name suggests, accelerated online MBA programs are designed for working individuals not willing to leave their job.

The entire curriculum is made to fit into a shorter period. Also, these courses come with shorter breaks. It can be completed in a period of one year.

Although the time taken to complete may sound very tempting, one should keep in mind that it takes a good amount of dedication. It would require a lot of work to complete the coursework within such a short time. Time management is of key importance while pursuing an accelerated MBA degree.

One should be ready to meet strict deadlines. Creating a perfect balance between work and studies is a must. It is best to make sure that people around you are in terms of your schedule and are willing to help you out.

Executive online MBA programs for working professionals

Another good option for full-time working individuals willing to get an MBA degree is the executive online MBA. This is typically designed for individuals with years of work experience. Keeping in mind the working schedule of the individuals, classes of executive MBA programs usually take place in the evening or on weekends. Time taken to complete the course varies.

Some university courses take as much time as full-time courses. While some other takes only 19 to 20 months to complete. It depends on the schedule chosen by the student.

Executive MBA programs are usually online programs with no requirement of being on-site. But, few universities do require the same. Universities also offer on-campus events. Attending these will help the students to enhance their skills. These events are usually optional.

Part-time MBA courses: another good alternative

Part-time online MBA programs are yet another good option for working professionals. The part-time course is similar to executive MBA courses in a lot of ways. This course too offers the privilege of attending classes on the weekends and evenings. With a more flexible routine, the completion time of these courses is usually long. One takes as long as five years to complete the program.

Summing Up…

Getting an online MBA degree can take from as little as 19 months to as long as 5 years to complete. The main factor is how much time and effort can the student afford to put. It is always advisable to assess this beforehand and then choose a program accordingly.

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