Bursting the Myths about the MSc in Project Management program

Msc in Project Management

Project Management is on top of the list of promising fields. We can also say with certainty that it is there to stay for a long time. Across industries, organizations are now starting to make their operations more project-based. Companies are always on the look for project managers who can collaborate with teams placed in […]

How an online MBA course can help you gain leadership skills

Online MBA Course

The pandemic has bought along ne ways of living and working with it. And even though we hate the new confined lives that we are force to live, the virtual workspace doesn’t seem as bad. Employers and employees have mostly developed a liking towards it. And even with the world slowly opening its doors, it […]

Project Management Processes and phases: The project life cycle

What is Project Management Process

Project management is not a simple stunt to perform. No matter what the scale of the project is. Adhering to the timeline, overlooking every process, ensuring maximum productivity from employees, and most importantly, catering to your client’s ever-changing demands. Performing all these duties at the same time can be overwhelming. There is a chance of […]

10 Reasons Why You Need to Get an MBA in Healthcare Management

MBA in Healthcare Management

If you are thinking about getting an MBA degree and can’t decide which specialization to get, MBA in healthcare is your answer.  As life expectancy increases across the globe, so has the demand for different medical facilities. People are now continuously on the look for a holistic life. And to serve the needs of this […]

Top 5 Jobs You Can Take up After Completing Bachelor of Business Management

Bachelor in Business Management

A bachelor’s degree in Business management has become a popular option for many students these days. And it is indeed a fine choice for people aspiring to enter the global business scene. But before you start walking on this path, have you checked out all your options thoroughly? If no, then we have created a […]

How will an MBA in Finance help advance your career?

MBA in Finance

Are you thinking about getting an MBA in Finance degree? Well, then you have landed up in the exact right place.  In this blog, we will be exploring what is this degree all about and how it can benefit your career. Read along to clear any doubts that you have regarding getting this degree.    […]

Project Management and Operations Management. Are they the same?

Project Management

Project Management and Operations Management. Are they the same?   If you have any knowledge of the management world, you must have heard the terms, project management, and operations management. You have also probably come across the notion that they are different names of the same job title in the industry. But that’s far from […]

Top Diploma Courses in Dubai

Diploma Courses in Dubai

Introduction In general, a diploma is an international degree depicting the achievement of a learner in a specific field of study. In fact, the diploma program seems to offer many variations in regards to duration, cost and content. Furthermore, students looking to pursue their bachelors or masters enjoy many career prospects providing better earning criteria. […]

Entering the management world: Bachelor’s degree options

management Bachelor's degree

If you have a knack for the management world and looking for a management bachelor’s degree to enter the same, you have come down to the right place. In this blog, we will discuss two excellent bachelor’s degree programs, BA Hons Business Management and BBA International Management, offered at LUBM. Read on to find out […]

Master’s Degree Top-up Programs to accelerate your professional career.

Master's Degree Program

Times have changed and so have the conventional educational model. To suit the needs of the complex modern-day learners, universities across the globe have come up with new models of education. And the UK is leading this race. The UK Higher Education has introduced, several unconventional programs. Among them, top-up programs have emerged as a […]

What are the advantages of doing an online MBA program?

online MBA program

Online MBA courses were first introduced as an estranged cousin of conventional courses. People opting for the online course were often considered inferior. The idea that people who do not possess the merits to get into full-time courses, opt for online courses was quite prevalent. Recruiters often looked down on candidates who had an online […]

Benefits of MBA Top-Up

MBA top-up course

What is an MBA Top-Up? A Master in Business Administration or MBA is a postgraduate degree that is internationally respected and recognized. The sole objective of the degree  is to upskill a learner with the skills demanded in the fields of business and management. Furthermore, MBA is one of the highly pursued degrees with over […]

Global Banking and Finance: top 5 trending jobs in the industry 

Global banking And Finance

Every organization, small or big, public or private, has a job position related to finance. And with changing times, the job positions have only increased. While earlier, finance positions were limited to job titles like a senior accountant, a lot of new titles have now emerged. With the world coming together and business going global, […]

6 things you should know about diploma courses

Diploma Courses

The conversation about the usefulness and worthiness of a diploma has changed its course. For a really long time, diploma courses have been considered inferior in comparison to degree courses. But fortunately, this notion has changed with time. The demand for vocational skills has risen, thus creating more opportunities for people who don’t hold formal […]