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AI is for all and not just for people from IT. This webinar is for the
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Artificial Intelligence is clearly the future of the industry. Most enterprises have already incorporated it and others are planning to execute it in the near future. Having knowledge of AI will empower you to understand and drive improved operations and customer service at your organization. This artificial intelligence basics webinar is designed to offer you an overview of AI concepts.

14th August, 2021. Saturday

3.00 to 5.00 PM GST

Online Zoom Meet

Keynote Speaker & Technology Futurist

Nadine Hajj

Artificial Intelligence Expert, Data Scientist, PhD in Machine Learning

Dr. Nadine Hajj is the Lead Data Scientist at Crayon MEA. She leads the AI practice for Crayon in the region; helping raise awareness of AI, supporting customers in their AI journey and growing and supporting the Crayon AI eco-system. Nadine is an Artificial Intelligence developer, researcher, practitioner, as well as an Educator, with over 10 years in the industry. She is the author of several academic journals and conference papers published in top worldwide venues in the fields of neural networks, deep learning, computational neuroscience and biomedical engineering.

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