Writing an MBA dissertation - An Effective Guide

An MBA dissertation is a great opportunity to showcase your research interests, abilities and attain subject matter expertise. This is the chance to show your level of comprehension and understanding of everything you’ve learnt so far.  It is important you get this right and do justice to the topic. So first remember to be organized and draw yourself a timeline for background research, choosing the topic, getting to the writing, proofreading and finally submitting it.

If you are keen on writing an exceptional thesis, ensure you are giving it at least a couple of weeks’ time and you are not rushing into it. You will start with reading, bookmarking and making note of key points, and drawing an outline to your research topic and structuring it.

Here are a few tips for Writing an MBA dissertation

Think of what you want to accomplish by the end of your research and visualize it. This will help you attain clarity on choosing an ideal topic and how to go about it. This brings us to the question of how to choose a topic? Ask your instructor about the topics that have been worked on by the students previously and give them a read. Next research on specific topics that are in sync with your subjects. Keep this as narrow as you can and the topic you choose reflects your seriousness about the research. For example, it is always better to have a topic like “Investment trends – industry-specific, from 2010” than a generic topic like ‘Financial Management’.

We have attached a list of most common MBA dissertation topics by the end of this article. Be sure to make full use of it.

It goes without saying that reading and making notes starts as soon as you finalize your topic. Once you start reading, build your bibliography and be very organized about it. You will also keep going back and forth to your sources and know that being organized is the key. There is a specific format for the citations and ensure you follow it. 

Here is an outline for your dissertation and make sure you are in no rush to finish this and you have ample time until the deadline. Rather than writing everything at one-go, write bits and pieces and give yourself some writing time every day until it is done. This gives you a degree of understanding of required improvisation.

This is where you introduce the topic and state what you are covering in the research. Also, cover why you chose this particular topic.

All your note-making comes into life and form here. Cover what has previously been done in this field and what has served as an influence to your study.

State what tools, techniques and methods you have adopted to derive results from experiments and how you came to the conclusion of the analysis. This is crucial as it reflects the depth you have gone to, in order to make the research happen.

Talk about what you achieved through your research and how this research has progressed the field and subject matter. Here quality dominates quantity. Here is where you present the findings of your research and express the informed opinion.

Keep it simple and short. summarize what has been achieved through your research and what should be the way ahead. If there is any shortcoming of your research, it is okay to mention it and give suggestions on how it can be overcome in future research.

The format is very important and stick to the format that has served as your guideline provided by the university. Keep this section neat and organized. Mostly MBA Colleges use the APA format but crosscheck to be sure.

Edit out what is insignificant and only retain quality content. Give this a thorough check for grammar. plagiarism and spellings. Be careful and do not share it with anyone. Get it proofread from someone you really trust and make sure they don’t retain a copy of your dissertation until published or accepted with acknowledgement.

With these 4 steps, you will have a great dissertation to submit and feel proud of. Here are the few topics that you could choose and ace:

First the broader subject classification:

Here are the top 10 ideas for your MBA dissertation based on the above mentioned broader classification

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