Alumni Success Stories

Ameera Jokhadar

CEO/Owner, Diamond Insurance Brokerage and Consultancy

“Finding Lincoln University’s General MBA has been a gamechanger in the course of my career. Entrepreneurship and business have captured my imagination from a tender age.  The MBA Programme afforded me the flexibility necessary to bring my hopes and aspiration. My roles as CEO and founder of a successful business have greatly influenced the level of participation of women in business in the Arab world. The professionalism and leadership acquired through my MBA course go beyond the workplace into other spheres of my life such as humanitarian work and social activism. I hope to inspire other women and everyone with a career goal to rise and pursue their dreams.”

Tasneem Nabil AbuTahoun

Customer Care Representative at al Tayer Motors

“I always knew I wanted to make an impact on people’s lives and customer care is such a great way of fulfilling people’s expectations. Finding a blended MBA course  in International Management allowed me to juggle my education with other responsibilities. Now, I feel like the sky’s the limit! For this reason, I am earnestly committed to career development and helping others deal with the problems they encounter. I strongly advocate an approachable, knowledgeable, and accessible education like the online programme in International Management to all my colleagues and friends.”

Sami Abbas

Public Affairs & Government Relations Manager - ORGANIC FOODS & CAFE

“Initially, I had my doubts about the effectiveness of a 100% online MBA course, especially since I had a full-time job and a family. However, I was impressed from the start of the programme to the finish. The quality of interactions with the professors and the course materials couldn’t have been better. The challenges the course presented translated effectively into the business world and my current role. My insights into relations and management of affairs were instrumental in my ability to distinguish myself in this role. In my position as public affairs and government relations manager, I have been able to shape a new trend in corporate relationship management. And I see no reason why anyone shouldn’t aim to replicate this through MBA in International Management courses that are affordable and accessible irrespective of your location in the Middle East and beyond.”

Salwa Ahmed

Deputy General Manager, Rashid Al Jabri Group of Companies

“I had a lot of professional experience in project management but was dealing with a glass ceiling that hindered my promotion. The Project and Operations management MBA course offered the boost I need to turn things around. My career took a turn for the better and I have the knowledge, experience, and qualification I earned from Lincoln University. Today, I work in a senior role, manage several international projects, and the future is looking great – full of possibilities. I have become a top expert in management and my astute leadership skills have set a new standard for other professionals within my company. Also, I’ve motivated colleagues and fueled several campaigns for higher productivity, which have benefited organisations and employees. I am passionate about implementing the best practises and principles for the completion of complex projects.” 

Diana Vellara

Ethics & Compliance Specialist / McDermott Middle East, Inc.

“I never aimed to amass such a tall list of achievements. The primary goal was to find a path to higher opportunities within my former organisation. But the qualification came with a lot more than I could ever anticipate. Today, I have not only surpassed my goals but found a network of like-minded professionals that offer enough insights, motivation, and challenge to carry me to higher heights of excellence. The Ethics and Compliance role is one that can be perplexing and requires a strong moral compass with unrivaled professionalism. However, my in-depth understanding of principles and concepts of business management and a degree in MBA International Management,  gave me the knowledge to make the right calls in critical situations.

Abdulla Ahmed AlHarbi

Head of Talent Management
– Adnoc

“Through my studies in MBA Human Resource Management course, I have discovered a new understanding and appreciation of the world of Human and Talent Management. Unlike other online MBA courses, Masters in HR management takes a more practical approach that has given me the perspective necessary to understand the dynamics of leadership and management at the highest level. Consequently, I have evolved into a capable leader and see myself doing great things due to the avenue created for continuous online study opportunities available through the Lincoln University of Business and Management. Now, I am driven by the goal to help others reach their full potential. Hence, I commit all my resources to bring intelligent talent management skills to the people in my organisation and all other walks of life that interact with me by helping them achieve optimal work-life balance.”

April Joy

Swiss Perfume FZC Sharjah Hamriya Free Zone

“It’s unprecedented to have a smart MBA course that rivals an onsite program but Lincoln University have successfully put together such a program. From world-class teaching materials to the highest standards of assessments, the program exceeded all my expectations. Initially, I had no long term strategy for personal development and career advancement. But my time at Lincoln University has totally transformed my mindset and set me on the right trajectory. If you ever considered joining an online course or investing in a smart MBA degree, give Lincoln University a try. My present aim is to use my knowledge and skills to the best of my abilities. And so far, this has helped me receive several awards for my active participation in the growth of the organisation” 

Jennifer Lim

Customer Service, Middle East Container Repair Co LLC

“Getting my MBA degree through a blended programme was perhaps the smartest career decision I ever made. As a mother of two, flexibility and convenience was a major concern when I reviewed different universities for a potential MBA degree online. At the end of the day, I achieved perfect work, studies, and life balance with the help of the Lincoln University of Business and Management. This support was vital for the realisation of my visions. Today, I do not only have the right qualification but I also possess all the tools in my toolkit to discharge my duties to the best of my abilities. Overall, my time in the online MBA program gave me an unfair advantage, even though the customer service space in the Middle East is quite competitive. I have not only secured a job with a great organisation. But I am always presenting forward-thinking solutions and services to delighted customers.”

Rabboni C. Calunsag

Business Development

Being an entrepreneur at heart doesn’t mean you do not need an MBA degree. I had a lot of business experience coming into the smart MBA in International Management programme. At first, I thought I only needed the certificate but I quickly found out that there was more to business in the 21st century than hard work. Today, I am proud to say that my classes at Lincoln University of Business and Management have been monumental and catapulted me to another level of excellence in my career. The courses, lecturers, learning platforms and coursemates played a key role in shaping my future and preparing me for the current challenges that they face in every successful business. It is not just about building and managing an effective business. But the knowledge of how to approach things with a mindset of sustainability is simply invaluable. 

Nilpa Thanki

Administrative Executive - LAMAR Properties

“Knowledge has a way of refining and promoting you. I am always aiming to explore more possibilities and broaden my scope of understanding. Therefore, it was a life-transforming opportunity to participate in this programme. It has fueled my curiosity and helped with exposure to new trends in the area of business administration. With my new qualification, I rose through the ranks and promotion subsequently. The network and connections did help but it was my ability to spot new career opportunities and explore them that enabled me to achieve my career goals, even surpass them. If ever you will get an online MBA degree, you want to enrol in one that’s as affordable, flexible, and fast-tracked as the programmes offered by Lincoln University of Business and Management. “

Miranda Latsabidze

Sales Executive at Zoommer International FZCO

Early on in my career, I had hit a roadblock and was sure I couldn’t get the chance to pursue my dreams of climbing higher in sales. Starting as a cold caller with little to no experience in sales required a lot of hard work, which I was happy to do. However, I’ve only been able to see the upward trajectory in my career after my formal education in the blended MBA course. I no longer had to worry about the usual challenges of onsite lectures. This freed up my time to focus both on studies and work. Today, I love my job as a sales executive and I know I am very well positioned to take full advantage of all the possibilities that come with this job. The company values my effort and supports my career objectives knowing that they take nothing from my professional obligations. 

Joceline Ghaly

MBA International Management

Reflecting on my time in the online MBA program always brings back many fond memories. Although it wasn’t your typical classroom experience, the level of camaraderie between lecturers and learners facilitates learning and provides support with coursework.

 It has provided connections with prominent people in top roles around the world. The MBA in International Management degree gave me the professional edge to emerge as a leader in my chosen field that already has several prominent and experienced people. Thinking about the future fills me with hope for the next general of professionals and business leaders. This is because most of the barriers to world-class education and training no longer exist due to the availability of prominent courses such as blended MBA programmes with international recognition. 

Dr. Mishal Tariq

Operations Manager
NMC Royal Hospital

I wasn’t a born leader. I was a minimum wage worker while caring for a family of three at the same time. That was by no means easy to combine. The demands of family life and work were always hard to balance. But I knew I wanted more out of my life, not only for myself but also for my loved ones. A trusted friend introduced me to the online MBA program offered by Lincoln and the rest became history. Through my time at Lincoln, I feel blessed to have experienced a whole new old of possibilities that gave me the grounds to overcome so many adversities on my road to becoming a sector leader. The best part, I didn’t have to spend exorbitant sums of money to get my degree.”

Fadi Ghassan

Division Manager

“Looking back at my time with Lincoln, I remember so many things very fondly. Scheduled online sessions, challenging assessments, and brainstorming sessions with colleagues. With the sheer amount of experience the online MBA course brings to learners, the course flies by, making it a very fast learning experience. One word of advice, buckle up and enjoy the ride because it will be over before you know it. Though it’s been a fast-track programme, the intellectual development I gained has transformed my entire adult life. Today, I am proud to emulate the assistance that professors, mates, and TAs have given me that helped me to make the most of my online learning experience.“

Jennifer Lim

Asst QA Manager, Americana Food Company

The kind of insight I’ve gained through consensus building, team working, and collaboration has taught me how to bridge individual differences of groups and bring all parties onboard projects. My job as assistant QA manager couldn’t be any more exciting with an MBA in Quality Management. The concept I learnt during my studies came in handy when I first took the role. They’ve allowed me to unite the departments within my organisation around the common goal of maintaining the highest standards of quality. In these turbulent times, the bonds of old are even stronger and I will be forever grateful for the different friends and colleagues I met through Lincoln University of Business and Management. Leveraging my network for growth, international opportunities, and expansion required no extra work since these bonds last for a lifetime. 

Amer Gabouri

Managing Director
OGI Group

“To put it shortly, my MBA conversion taught me how to lead with a servant’s heart. It has become the guiding principle around which our organizational culture has been built. This tells you the level of influence the course had on me. Imagine moving from an entry-level position to managing director. I communicate daily with colleagues, employees, and clients with world-class proficiency. If you ask me, everything that makes my online studies unique is the same things that had the most profound impact on my life. To say the least, the entire experience challenged me and pushed me to the edge, but I leaned into the challenges and in the end, they were all worth it. I guarantee they will be worth it for you too.”

Feras Al Din

Store Manager
Louis Vuitton

The affordability of this blended Executive MBA played an integral part in my decision to complete enrollment in the course. I applied for several other programmes but once I did the comparison, this one became the obvious choice. Good thing I didn’t regret it. The value for money was unbelievable and I am still reaping the benefits of my time in the programme. It offered exactly the kind of flexibility I was looking for and enabled me to juggle other responsibilities. Also, I heard it was a “top” MBA course, I didn’t understand what that meant until my first class session. I was struck by the amount of detail and time taken to explain concepts and the practical examples used. All these helped me translate what I’ve learnt to my current role effectively.

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