Action Plan 2021


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Lincoln University of business and Management’s (LUBM) RESPONSIBLE RETURN TO FACE TO FACE – onsite learning | Action Plan

So many questions have been raised in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns about its effect on the delivery of our programs for the coming school year. Here we outline the Action Plan for our return to face to face – onsite learning, responsibly, and with the utmost care for our community at the forefront of our planning and infrastructure.

We have four areas of focus in the following outline of our approach to providing a safe, healthy, and positive environment at all LUBM centers. Health and Safety Infrastructure will outline the measures taken for our centers and community to ensure we protect the health of everyone as they return to work and school. Academics and Research will detail the way our classes will be delivered for the short term and how our Staff and Faculty will support students during this transition. Students and Class Life gives a list of resources and services available to everyone who may need assistance from LUBM in order to resume their onsite studies probably by the Q1 2021. General Information will serve as a guide to find updates as the situation progresses and contacts for anyone who requires further information or assistance.


Lincoln University of Business and Management has adjusted its premises and its hygiene protocol following recommendations from the World Health Organization as well as central and Local Government Guidelines of UAE.

If a student, faculty, or staff member feels unwell or displays symptoms such as fever, nausea, headache, loss of smell or appetite, or any other COVID-19-related symptoms they need to stay at home and contact a medical center or doctor for advice and please contact Student Services on your campus. Once PCR test results are received a notification should be made to LUBM in order for us to act according to the health and safety regulations set in place by the Ministry of Health.

If you have any questions regarding COVID-19 symptoms, care, or how it may affect you please refer to our Coronavirus Page . As always, your Student Support Officer(s) is always available for any concerns you have or questions if you are unsure or need support.

In addition to this, we have formed an Action Plan Taskforce to ensure you have a point of contact on campus and in each department of LUBM.

These people can be reached via email:


Due to the uncertainty of the global pandemic’s effects on worldwide travel, for some students, a return to face to face – Onsite learning may not be possible due to various reasons. We will fully support these students as they begin their learning online. 

All onsite, face to face learning classes may resume in Q1 2021 (depends on the final decision by the management at LUBM) following a hybrid classroom, whereby classes will be held onsite with some students joining remotely via Zoom/ Adobe Connect OR Google Meet. All of our centers have been fitted with live streaming cameras in every classroom. 

For our institution, the opportunity to provide an improved learning experience ensures that more effective training will take place and that we deliver on our goal of high-quality education.

All Faculty will be using a flipped classroom model, meaning that theoretical learning will be taken out of the “physical” classroom and into the digital arena. This aspect of the learning journey will be shared with students in advance, using digital tools so that your teacher can continue to present their work, via digital platforms such as Zoom, Adobe Connect OR Google classrooms. This will be particularly beneficial for those who encounter travel or other restrictions since you will be able to keep up to date with your studies.

Students will be able to join in either via live-stream, for those of you who are in the same or a similar time-zone, on-campus – following government social distancing guidance – or, catch up with the classroom learning at a later time via the Zoom/Adobe Connect OR Google Meet recording. This last option will be available for those students who are unable to travel and are living in a different time-zone. During regular class time-slots, students will work together on projects, case studies, debates, and others – making use of a wide range of digital tools in order to collaborate with colleagues both in the classroom and across the world. Mentorship and coaching via our classes will continue and may be tailored to suit each individual’s needs, at a time that suits both the student and professor.

We will also be taking advantage of the new opportunities that this digital age has brought us by sharing some specialization classes. Students taking sector specialization courses will be able to learn from professors across the industry network across streams and make valuable global connections with colleagues in their sector. 

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